Why is Kamala Harris Introduced as ‘Asian-American’ Now

Why is Kamala Harris Introduced as ‘Asian-American’ Now
Image credit to Wikimedia Commons.

In the recent inauguration, Kamala Harris, now US Vice President, was suddenly introduced as Asian-American.

During the campaign period, Harris was touted as an African-American vice president to persuade the minority communities of their votes.

However, Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) dramatically introduced her as the “first African American, first Asian-American, and first woman Vice President.” Now, we think they could label her depending on who they’re trying to win over.

Twitter users exploded to debate.

Even the far-left took notice and begrudgingly saw this as a negative impact.

According to Tariq Nasheed, as the liberal pivot back to Harris’s Asian descent, it sure wouldn’t look good for the Foundational Blacks at all.

So, there. Regret always comes last.

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ron Williams

Typical ‘bait and switch’ move by the Demoncrats!


Amy Klobuchar must be one if not the only most stupidist person in the senate she really needs to evaluate herself and get back to basics. She is not intellegent enough to know where anyone comes from so she just adds things that are untrue thinking the american people are stupid. She should know the people of this country know she is stupid in that she could not garner enough votes while running for president that she could be on the debate stage. she should just learn to keep her ignorant mouth shut and let someone who knows whats going on speak for her.

charles jacobson

Kinda like Biden


There is no way Amy Klobuchar can be
stupid you have to have a brain to be
stupid and there is NO POSSIBILITY


She probably has more Native American in her than Pocahontas.

charles jacobson

Don’t insult the American indians


Well they used the Blacks and fooled them into thinking they were electing one of their own. They won’t need blacks for another 2 and 4 years for their votes. She’s Asian now so when they hand over the nation’s keys to the front door to the Chinese Communist Party, maybe they’ll at least let her wear a blindfold when the CCP dispatches our current government leaders when they’re brought infront of the firing squad.

charles jacobson

Reminds me of Pol Pot

charles jacobson

next time she will be introduced the best liar


This is a joke!!!!! I personally do not care where her ancestors are from. If she does a good job Great. If she doesn’t well shame on us. To keep throwing different ethnicities on her, sours her credentials more and more as far as I’m concerned

Daniel Cortez

So, what is she? Is she Black, Asian, or maybe Latinx?

Gloria A

She is nothing but a low class call girl!!!


This piece of crap isn’t Asian/American as I am. She is what we call a half breed. She isn’t even Black. She is a two faced lying SOB. And let me ask you this why does she always find everything so funny.


You never know what you are going to get when Kamala shows up. Problem is …whatever shows up is not what was originally advertised. She never did the jobs she was selected for the way she should have. She messed up her prosecutor role, messed up royally as a senator, and you can bet she will not be a vice president like any other.

Gloria A

My reply is waiting for approval, so I will say it again. She is a low class call girl, who likes to lie to suit her needs at the moment. Block this S-heads!

Gloria A

I bet if I said something negative about President Trump they would not need to wait for approval. They would put it out there in capital letters!

Helga Renfro

You are right mine is in the waiting for approve columns. Why are they doing this??

Helga Renfro

I couldn’t have said it better than you did. Living in California I know what a bad job she did for our state and I am horrified that she will do the same to our entire country. The only reason Biden won is because they used the same methods California has used for decades and there fore we have had only democrats running this state . Democrats are evil and will destroy everything they touch.




Looks like another bull shitter in the delusional democrats . Hey if you can think your a different sex anytime you want … why not a different race to . I think I’ll be a hobbit from middle earth today . See ya later Iam off on a hike through the elfes home land … by

Craig Murphy

Why? So no one will remind her she is a descendant of a Jamaican who was the largest slaveholder on the island.


under OATH really doesn’t mean squat anymore or no in the democrat world,
she lied again, try Jamaician and WHITE-mom white
lets impeach her on lying to the citizens of the USA

Bart Ohama

Don’t insult the REAL Asian Americans. We did use being Black to get ahead. Cum-mala, the Affirmative Action/Diversity co called ‘success’ story, actually a FAILURE like BO.