Why Is Joe Biden Incentivizing Migrants to Illegally Cross the Border?

Why Is Joe Biden Incentivizing Migrants to Illegally Cross the Border?
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The Biden administration has continued to blame former President Trump for the escalating border crisis.

During Trump’s time in office, his administration made illegal immigrants turn around at the border. They allowed the true refugees and those who had filed for asylum to enter while denying those who tried to enter illegally.

Now, however, the Biden administration has done the opposite and instead incentivized migrants to illegally cross the border.

That’s the reason we’re seeing the biggest surge in illegal immigrants since 2000. Trump did not fail during his presidency. He did not leave a huge problem behind for the Democrats, despite what they claim.

According to Daniel Horowitz, the border crisis is a “legal incentive issue.”

“There’s 84 countries that I have counted in the world that have a GDP per capita lower than that of Guatemala,” Horowitz said. “So if you telegraph the message that you could just come here—it doesn’t take a genius to realize there’s about one to two billion people in the world who would want to come here.”

“And I can’t blame them. They’re kind of crappy areas to live in. There’s a lot of poverty. There’s a lot of problems,” he continued.

Despite an average of 5,400 illegal immigrants being caught everyday, the Biden administration continues to incentivize migrants to illegally cross the border.

As Horowitz said, “It’s general impoverished countries—people will always come here if they can.”

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Jo anelo

The Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party is setting up the next election by having illegal non citizens voting in future elections. They will never allow Voter ID safeguard to prevent this. Voter ID is the only way to assure only American citizens are voting. No ID number on a ballot it’s not counted. If the ID number appears more than once only the one in the district is counted. It is RACIST NOT TO HAVE VOTER ID.
It is putting American Citizens at the same level as illegal criminals who broke our immigration laws and now this evil Democrat Party wants to use these minorities like they do all minorities to brake our voting laws.

Rob Anthonisen


Stacy Dougherty

They need new “young illegal” blood to indoctrinate them for the socialistic radical democrat new welfare plantation!

John J

He is mentally unstable and unfit for the office of President

Stacy Dougherty

So is Harris!