Why Does Biden Kneel When Taking a Photo with the LA Dodgers?

Why Does Biden Kneel When Taking a Photo with the LA Dodgers?
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The News Junkie’s Archives – Why does Biden decide to kneel when taking a photo with the Los Angeles Dodgers at the White House?

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A real President, like Donald Trump, would never take a knee!

“If you don’t kneel with the Dodgers, YOU AIN’T BLACK!” -Old Smeller

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He’s trying out for the catchers position.

Gerald S Ladd

LOL..you mean receiver, don’t you?


Honestly folks You liberals / democrats committed voter fraud for this!!!

How about you rethink your entire lives and consider just being honest.

We would have been better off with trump.


Yes we would be much better off, personally and for the entire country! These liberals/communists are insane, all of them…..


He probably thought they were the Padres’


He tried to get a look at what’s down below. Or Maybe his trying out for Camela’s position.


Yes, we are in a terrible mess. A senile President who is the laughing stock of the World, a Babylonian Whore as a VP! Can we get any lower than that!


I think the old man is a nut case. He was told to kneel so he does. He is a very sick mentally unstable and corrupt man and so is the entire Biden Crime Family and Biden Administration! We need to get them out of office ASAP ! Hey Democrats have you seen enough yet ?


Weird.. too weird