Why Did the Viral Anti-Biden ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Meme Explode?

Why Did the Viral Anti-Biden 'Let's Go Brandon' Meme Explode?
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Russell Brand – You told us to talk about it, so we are! What is the cultural relevance of the “Let’s Go Brandon!” meme and subsequent chart-topping song?

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The difference between Trump then and Biden today is what MSM felt about them. Let’s go Brandon ironically comes from the MSM losing their influence.

She is a perfect example of the “Ministry of Truth” hard at work.

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It’s perfect – Firstly, it’s a way to say “F**k Joe Biden” without actually using the “F-word”. Why, you can even say it in front of your kids. Heck, even your kids can say it. You can say it in private. You can say it in public. You can say it in church or a public restroom. And let’s face it, Joe Biden needs to “go” even more than Brandon and just as fast. What really makes it sing, however, is that it also perfectly illustrates and mercilessly mocks the grotesque bias of the Media. Had the target been Trump, you can bet attention would have been drawn to it by the MSM. But the Media is SO compromised by it’s utter need to protect Joe Biden and the rest of his disastrous administration that they couldn’t just ignore it or let it go. Nope, they actually felt compelled to try to cover it up, to deny what was being said. “Let’s Go, Brandon” isn’t just about disdain for Joe Biden, it’s also about disdain for and disgust with the Media which has whored itself to protect him. So, “let’s go, Brandon” and “let’s go, Lemon” and “let’s go, Maddow” and all the rest of ’em.