Why Are Black Conservatives Called Uncle Tom?

DEBUNKING the Media's Biased Reporting on COVID-19
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The Left considers black conservatives, who dare to question Democratic policies like public education and social programs, hazardous. According to them, these people are a threat to the status quo, so the Left demean and invalidate accomplished and intelligent black conservatives by labeling them as “Uncle Tom.” 

It refers to the Uncle Tom Syndrome, a theory in psychology attributing to a coping mechanism in which individuals use passivity and submissiveness when faced with a threat, heading to subservient behavior, while concealing their genuine thoughts and feelings.

On the contrary, Larry Elder executively produced a documentary called “Uncle Tom,” along with Justin Malone, the director of the film. 

The documentary features the grief of highly reputed personalities like Candace Owens, Herman Cain, Thomas Soul, Walter Williams, etc. To provoke an intellectual discussion regarding the existing Democratic policies that the black community has been following and voting for.

The documentary tackles the Left’s general refusal for thoughtful disagreement. Even the Executive Producer of the documentary Larry Elder stated that “The Black Left doesn’t even believe there’s such a thing as thoughtful disagreement. Therefore, we’re not having discussions in the black community that, in my opinion, are healthy and could lead to a better outcome.”

Mainly due to the fact that the Black Left reigns down the hammer of prejudice towards black conservatives by ignoring or labeling them as sellouts, race traitors, and “Uncle Toms.” 

But when was the last time Democrats raised the issue that incentivizing women to marry the government, and incentivizing men to free themselves from financial and moral obligations, is one of the most prominent social problems in America and the black community. 

Unfortunately, whenever socially aware individuals like Larry Elder initiate peaceful and intellectual forums, whether it’s an educational or social issue, they are dismissed and denounced as self-loathers and Uncle Toms. 

Uncle Toms vs. Institutional Racism

  • In the ’50s, the white demographic would not approve of a Black President. However, when Barrack Obama got elected, he received a higher percentage of the white vote than John Kerry.
  • On April 12, 2015, Freddie Carlos Gray Jr., a 25-year-old black man arrested by the Baltimore Police Department and subsequently charged for possessing a knife, died in police custody. At the time of his death, the mayor of Baltimore, and the person running the Baltimore Police Department were both black, including the mayor’s assistant, all of the City Council’s Democrat majority. 
  • Even the state attorney who filed charges against six officers was black, three of the six officers charged were black. The judge before whom two of the officers had their cases tried was black, who’s verdict found two of the officers “not guilty.” That’s 2015, which indicated that the U.S Attorney General was Loretta Lynch, black. As well as the President of the United States at the time was Barrack Obama, who was also black. 
  • From 1992 to 2002, Los Angeles had back-to-back black Police Chiefs, even during the OJ Simpson case, there was a black chief in charge. The former Police Chief Willie Williams initiated a complete departmental review to uncover if anyone had committed evidence tampering and other allegations pressed upon the Police Department, as reported results found no evidence of evidence tampering or whatsoever. 

It’s just a few amongst a myriad of social issues that the black conservatives are tackling in the documentary to find out more visit—their Twitter @uncletomdoc for more information. 

Submissive? Passive? These reputable black conservatives demonstrate none of those traits, and they don’t deserve to treated and labeled as such. The black conservatives express iron will, a strong desire to give light in social nuances that most of the people in their community are unaware of. 

These people show a profound sense of martyrdom for bridging the gap between the very community that scrutinizes them and criticizes them, towards the reality of America. The documentary chose the title “Uncle Tom” as an oxymoron, to highlight that the black conservatives are not passive and submissive but rather brave and courageous. 

Fellow conservatives can show their support by spreading the word about the documentary “Uncle Tom” to help the black community uncover the truth behind the Democratic policies— for a better and united America.