Why America Is In Real Danger

For generations, Americans have remained happy and never geared towards totalitarianism. Unlike many other European destinations, America has always found a way of steering clear of totalitarianism principles.

Fellow Americans do not follow countries’ strategies, which dwell amid Nazism, Fascism, and communism. However, things might have changed in the past few years.

According to sources, the US can no longer brag this achievement, mainly because several of its principles have changed.

Before we try to understand where and how Americans fall short in recent times – it is crucial to figure out how Europe embraced it.


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How did the European countries fell victim to the principles of totalitarianism? These doctrines were instead imposed upon them.

Till World War 1

Before World War I, Judeo-Christianism and Patriotism primary rules dominate the common people.

On Judeo-Christianism, people have faith in religion, both on the personal and national level. On the other hand, patriotism is where a group of people show affection towards their country.

Most of the time, people were highly responsive to Judeo-Christianism, mainly because this helped them understand more about moral values.

Today, most youth, especially in European countries, consider World War I as a means of slaughtering millions of lives. This brought the rules and beliefs in Christianity to an end.

Many people lost hope in their nations too. A good number of people doubted the existence of God. Religion became a thing of the past. Likewise, the identity of a nation believed to be the key reason behind the war. As a result, the need for patriotism eradicated.

Consequently, people’s hearts and minds became “void,” which had to be filled with something more powerful and engaging. Thus, Nazism, fascism, and communism ensued.

The Russian Revolution

World War I resulted to Russian Revolution.

In the year 1917, years before the war came to an end, the Czar was overthrown by the existing leaders. Soon, the Bolsheviks, a group of communists in Russia, took over.

It was quite devastating to see the Czar overthrown, especially since there was more freedom under his leadership. The entire Soviet Union fell into the grips of communism, which lasted for seven decades. More than 20 to 40 million people were murdered under this regime.

What happened in Italy, and Germany?

Fascism surged in different parts of Italy after World War I.

In Germany, the Nazis rose to fame. They came into power within a decade after the end of the massive World War I. It was a matter of few years before Nazism started to conquer most of the continent, which happened during World War II.

Eventually, the Germans were defeated by the end of 1945, and the Soviets chose to impose communism throughout Europe’s Eastern regions.

What is happening in America?

Even with World War I, the hope Americas had in Judeo-Christianity didn’t falter. By the end of the 1950s, Americans became extremely religious. Words like “Under God” were firmly incorporated in the lives of Americans. However, by the end of the 1950s, much of this faith was limited to seniors.

After World War II, the now baby boomers were known for anti-Americanism and secularism. When 1962 came, the US Supreme Court ruled out the Lord’s Prayer’s recitation in schools.

The number of baby boomers who attended demonstrations against America’s norms increased by the end of the 1960s. They were often recognized as colonialist aggressors or imperialists.

At the start of the 1970s, a cold war rose between men and women. This time, it was all about equality and not tyranny or freedom. With several decades passing by, electronic media and printed materials have started to take over, making the 20th century β€œfamous.”

Today, America follows a unique type of totalitarian doctrine. The leaders are quite sure that it is some kind of leftism, putting the country in a wave of unknown danger.