Whoopi’s Reaction Proves Cancel Culture has Gone Way Too Far!

Whoopi's Reaction Proves Cancel Culture has Gone Way Too Far!

The Next News Network – Rebecca Downs from Townhall reports, Whoopi Goldberg isn’t exactly known for making sense. She is a co-host on The View, after all. Even a broken clock is right twice a day, though. Cancel culture has really gotten out of control lately, a recent example being Pepé Le Pew falling victim.

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The view is a joke who cares what they think.

Sorry but I don’t trust that woman, or anybody on The View for that matter

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charles wilkins

According to a new press release, film producers Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney will be soon releasing a film exposing President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden for his “wild life and dodgy business dealings.” The film, which is titled “My Son Hunter” and will feature Hunter Biden’s drug abuse, alcohol abuse and corrupt business dealings. “The media and big tech covered up the bombshell report by The New York Post that showed the depth of corruption in the Biden family,” McAleer said in a statement. “The truth deserves to be told and it needs to be seen by as many people as possible. An entertaining and enjoyable movie is the best way to tell the story of the Biden family’s corruption and to ensure as many people are educated about this as possible. If the media won’t do their jobs, we’ll do it for them.” Biden’s China Dragon Riders, 200 Million, Corrupt Crime.

jo walczak

Will the movie be on the internet or on the big screen? Our theaters are still closed.


Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Michael Skok

When I use to watch cartoons, it was my understanding that Pepe Le Pew was a French skunk that mistook a black cat to be a skunk because she walked under a ladder and was hit with some white paint so that she looked like a skunk. If Pepe Le Pew is cancelled, it would be because it represents the French people as being overly romantic. It is they who should protest this cartoon show, if anybody.