WHOA! BLM Attacks CNN Crew During Live Coverage…

WHOA! BLM Attacks CNN Crew During Live Coverage…

Black Lives Matter is back with yet another peaceful protest. The far-left activists have been rioting outside the Brooklyn Center Police Department in Minnesota for days, following the police shooting of a man who had slipped out of his handcuffs and gotten into his vehicle.

Of course, the police officer who was responsible had already resigned and been charged, but that never matters to BLM and Antifa. This time, the BLM protesters chased off a CNN crew.

Out of nowhere, a BLM thug threw a bottle of water at one of the crew member’s heads. The man who was hit on the head was knocked back and fell on the ground.

However, instead of helping the man, members of the BLM mob could be heard laughing in the background. In fact, one man can be heard laughing while he mocked, “A bottle of water knocks you out?”

“That’s a white man, what did he do?” one rioter can be heard asking the mob before they start screaming for the crew to “get out.” Unsatisfied, the rioters threw eggs at the crew’s vehicle even as it tried to drive away.

How far will President Joe Biden allow “peaceful protests” such as this continue all over the country?


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Briben biden

I can just hear tge CNN crew saying “but we are your buddies. We lie for you”

John J

Police should use live ammo and give the rabid animals something to protest


It’s about time the main stream media felt the wrath of the mob. Does the press still think they will be relevant if the Democrats managed a takeover of the Republic. WRONG ! They will be squashed like bugs just as the rest of us. Totalitarian States have their own news services carefully chosen from a few winners, just as Russia has Pravda and China has their propaganda rag. There won’t be room for all the traitors in the MSM or journalist propagandists on cable. There will be a party news channel spewing propaganda twenty four hours times seven. The flaky journalists and opinion makers like Cuomo and Lemmon are on a short ride with a long fall off and will be down in the gulag with the rest of us. God help them. .

Stacy Dougherty

Get this Director FBI Wray calls these terroristic groups on our home land
“A MOVEMENT” now how stupid & blind can one be!