Who Really Ordered All the Troops to DC?


Washington DC has been locked down after many military troops and law enforcement personnel were stationed throughout the city in preparation for the Presidential Inauguration, which took place on Wednesday, January 20th.

On Friday, the military troops numbered 26,000, which was an impressive show of power and force for the Inauguration. And yet, the number of troops in the city still grew before the next President took the oath of office.

The media believed that either the DC mayor or the government Democrats were responsible for the troops flooding the streets, but they were wrong. Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser released a letter to the public in January, back when the troops and federal units were much fewer than they were on Friday.

In the letter, Bowser had insisted that she and the city’s Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) should be consulted before any further troops were to be deployed. Since she released the letter, the troops on the city streets have gone from 6,000 to 26,000. Was she consulted?


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“We are mindful that in 2020, MPD was expected to perform the demanding tasks of policing large crowds while working around unidentifiable personnel deployed in the District of Columbia without proper coordination. Unidentifiable personnel – in many cases armed – confused residents and visitors and could become a national security threat with no way for MPD and federal law enforcement to decipher armed groups,” she had written.

Now, instead of “unidentifiable personnel,” there are now 26,000 troops wearing clearly marked military uniforms all over her city.

So why was such an overwhelming show of force needed? The media seemed to believe that the Biden administration was behind the show of force to deter another violent attack, such as the Capitol riots, but of course, they were wrong. Not a single person in the incoming Biden administration had the power to deploy anyone anywhere. After all, they had not taken their oath of office yet.

Who actually had the power to deploy those armed troops to Washington? Of course, it was none other than the then US Commander-in-Chief, President Trump.

Thus, according to journalist Brian Cates, all the facts and logic lead us to conclude that President Trump meant this massive show of military force to deter the people who had actually been busy rioting, looting, assaulting people, and inciting violence all over America since the spring — Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

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David P Mulloy

And You Would Still Be Way Off!!
President Trump Authorised it… Then Turned The Wole Shebang over To The Military.
Washington DC is Under Martial Law until The Hundreds of Miles of Tunnels running Underneath The Satanic Hell Hole Can Be Thoroughly Searched and Shut Down Permanently!!