While Our Borders Are Being Stormed, Kamala Harris Does This…

While Our Borders Are Being Stormed, Kamala Harris Does This...
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– Cristina Laila from The Gateway Pundit reports, Biden’s “border czar” Kamala Harris led the coin toss at the Hampton vs. Howard football game on Saturday. The “Truth and Service Classic” game between the two historically black universities took place at Washington’s Audi Field.

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Welp, it’s the most productive thing she’s done her whole career

Shows how truly uneducated the students and fans are. Nuff said

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We have so many inept people running this country. Letting illegals in left n right. Afghans with children as brides many have more than one wife an there practice of bacha boys having young boys dress up as women an perform dances then they can choose which one that turns them on Already 2 have been arrested for trying to molest a little girl. So what will the Haitians bring more tent cities voodoo who knows


Kamala is a chemical waste