Where Is Joe Biden’s Brain?

While it may be true that the aliens could not have descended and fled with Joe Biden’s brain, there’s no clear explanation for most of his appearance and outbursts. He cannot complete his sentences, and even occasionally forgets where he is and what office he is running for.

Aging is natural for all of us, and to some extent, we are all prone to Alzheimer’s Disease. But in Biden’s case, he has always spoken before he can think.

As a result, “That’s just Joe,” turned cliché. However, Biden seems to have been suffering from more than just aging and becoming forgetful as a result. His condition is not good for the American people. Before he takes hold of nuclear codes, signs policies, or turns into a puppet of the Obama-era administration, we need to figure out what’s wrong with his brain. The running joke is that Biden’s slogan should be: “I’m Joe Biden, and I forget this message.”

We often get horrified by what Biden says. He regards Arizona as a great city, often talks about Super Thursday, jokes that black Americans are not black if they do not support him, and says that all blacks think alike. The truth is, November 3rd is coming, and it isn’t funny anymore. We seriously need to know what’s wrong with Biden’s brain.

The media would be blowing up if the same incident happened to Trump. They would always make it sensational. During a CNN town hall, Joe Biden’s eye was seen to have filled with blood.

The New York Post reported that Biden’s left eye filled with blood when he attended a CNN town hall on Wednesday. His eye turned red as he was answering a question related to climate change. According to the Washington Examiner, subconjunctival hemorrhage or a broken blood vessel might have caused it.

According to WebMD, sneezing, straining, coughing, eye rubbing, high blood pressure, or a bleeding disorder are some of the probable causes.

Biden had life-threatening aneurysms in 1988 and has undergone emergency surgeries twice during his chair as a senator.

Biden’s cognitive breakdown must have been the effect of his two surgeries. Most media outlets ignore the signs, but they would definitely behave differently if the same thing happened to Trump.

Fox News medical correspondent Marc Siegel, M.D. is also an NYU Langone Health Doctor Radio professor of medicine and medical director. Marc said that a more pressing and concerning issue for him was when Biden struggled to complete his sentence. He said that he was less concerned about the blood in Biden’s eye during the CNN town hall.

Joe Biden has been making cognitive errors in recent weeks. He forgot where — Vermont or New Hampshire — he was at. He also forgot where Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King were assassinated, and that he was not the vice president when the horrific school shooting in Parkland, Florida happened.

Biden erroneously called the President “Donald Hump” at a campaign event in New Hampshire last weekend. He later corrected himself and called it a Freudian slip.

Biden underwent two surgeries for his brain aneurysms in 1988. The first was about a centimeter in size — which was fairly large and it was bleeding. However, Dr. Neal Kassell, Biden’s neurosurgeon, publicly stated that Biden is presently in excellent condition.

Still, studies have shown that aneurysm repair of fairly large sizes — especially when bleeding is involved — can lead to cognitive difficulties such as slower thinking or having memory loss as long-term effects.

Dementia is defined by the Alzheimer’s Association as a reduction in memory or grave decline in thinking, which affects the normal everyday routine of a person. It is, by itself, a scary and difficult reality to deal with for anyone. Should Biden be suffering from it, his capability to run the most powerful economy and military becomes moot and contentious.