Where Did Biden’s Anonymous Money Come From?

Democrats have criticized anonymous politics money, yet, the latest election cycle brought waves of cash flow into the left-wing party’s coffers. 

CNN’s Center for Responsive Politics analysis brought at least more than $320 million “dark money” in Democrats races for the congressional and White House seats. Republicans saw only half of the amount.  

Topping the list was Democrat presidential challenger Joe Biden who took almost $132 million. Incumbent President Trump received only $22 million.

According to CNN, Biden’s aides declined to comment on the analysis record but pointed to fundraising events as evidence for transparency. 


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CNN’s analysis defined dark money as donations and another nonprofit spending that does not disclose sources. This includes money from limited liability corporations, which function as shell corporations.

With dark money, the sourcing of cash from mysterious donors obscures their agenda. Democrats have been railing against this type of funding for years. 

“This is a rotten system, but as long as it exists, both parties are going to use it,” stated Fred Wertheimer, who runs Democracy 21, a watchdog group. According to the cable news network, Wertheimer is a member of a coalition of at least 170 groups urging the incoming president to address issues that include campaign finance transparency. 

Wertheimer was further quoted, saying, “The test for us is: What are you prepared to do about the system?”

Dark money was seen as any amount nonprofits spend directly in support of an election or a candidate’s defeat. 

A prime example is One Nation, a nonprofit with anonymous funding associated with Republican Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell, which donated $60 million in helping the GOP keep the Senate hold. 

On the other hand, Sixteen Thirty Fund, which leads three liberal groups, account for one-third of the dark money for the Democrats. The analysis summed $52 million from the Sixteen Thirty Fund to other left-wing groups.

The Lincoln Project, critical of President Trump, received about $300,000 from the liberal dark money donations.