When Black Lives Matter Is Forced To Listen

When Black Lives Matter Is Forced To Listen
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Hawk Newsome stood defiantly in a Mall in Washington last Saturday evening. This time, his fists were up in the air, and he was supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. However, if you take a closer look, you will see the man beginning to sweat. He was cautious, as well as curious, to know if violence was going to break out. He also wondered if another political rally was going to take place. After all, the whole country is not in great shape. There are protests and rallies almost everywhere.

Hawk Newsome was surrounded by at least a hundred Trump supporters. This incident happened at the Mother of All Rallies event. Newsome is the official president of Greater New York’s Black Lives Matter movement. He had arrived at the venue with six fellow activists. All of them were keen to make their voice heard at the occasion. In fact, they were prepared to stay in place for the entire night.

Most of them had tense and engaging exchanges of emotions with other people. This time, they were exchanging emotions with people who were not going to be happy or receptive of the movement. To be more precise, they were going to have an encounter with Trump’s supporters.

What happened at the mall?

However, something very unexpected happened in the evening. No one ever imagined that the series of events would turn around so quickly. For instance, the BLM leader of Greater New York was for once allowed to stand up and speak. He was able to convey his thoughts and emotions to the Trump team. Moreover, most of the members in the crowd were willing to listen to what Newsome had to say. This froze everyone for a moment. Why? Because they weren’t expecting the crowd to listen to what they had to say.

After addressing the audience, who were white in majority — few hostile comments were heard. There were still a few attendees who chose to ignore the leader completely, but it was far fewer than what they expected. Later, Newsome received an invitation to speak on the makeshift stage. This stage is located near the Washington Monument.

The invitation was shared by Tommy Hodges, an event organizer. The entire experience of Newsome receiving an invitation from Hodges was impromptu, but the invitation was shared with a purpose in mind. Newsome had to persuade and make another group of people listen to his voice.

The invitation was accepted by Newsome. He didn’t think twice to visit the venue and deliver his speech. The result was rather beautiful, and it was greatly appreciated by the BLM community. Newsome gave an open dialogue. This time, everyone felt like two different movements were coming together. The entire occasion was captured on video, and it was only a short matter of time before the video became famous online. It was circulated by CNN and NowThis News. The clip where Newsome makes a bunch of people listen to him had more than a million views. In fact, it managed to secure many comments too. To be more precise, the video had more than a thousand comments.

Most of the online comments focused on how rare the moment was. It stressed on the unity that was seen between the different groups. Also, there were many comments that revealed how the unity came into light, in spite of the tough and challenging political climate in the country.

What did Newsome say?

In response to the whole event, Newsome said in a phone interview that he expected to see anger and plenty of hostility. However, what he witnessed was completely different. Newsome added that he didn’t expect to receive an invitation which would allow him to speak to many more whites.

Newsome also revealed details on how he felt to stand next to President Trump’s cardboard cutout. When the BLM leader was invited on the spot, he heard chants and greetings of “White Lives Matter!” but this didn’t stop Newsome from delivering his content. Instead, he spoke about fighting for equality and justice in a passionate way.

He also spoke about how it felt to see fellow African-Americans being killed for no reason by police officers. Most of his content focused on why the BLM movement came into action in the very first place.