When a Leftist Says Capitalism is Stupid…

When a Leftist Says Capitalism is Stupid...
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Ben Shapiro – LOL: Leftist Says Capitalism Is STUPID

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It’s kinda sad, people won’t realize how much freedoms they have unless if it is taken from them

From what I’ve noticed, people who support socialism in the US think socialism is only going to affect people with more income than they have

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Old wolf

Funny how that works , they cry about crap they don’t really know about till its to late . Then swing the other way once they see it will affect them too . Becareful what you ask for … you just might get it


These idiots think they can use the government to take away everyone’s property and retirement investments by force so they’ll reap the benefits. And they’ll still get to eat their fast food and play with their smart phones and drive what ever kind of car they want and be able to pick what ever kind of house they want. That’s not the way it really works in a socialist (communist) country. It’s work or starve and the food they’ll have to choose from is what ever is on the shelf at the food market. Farmers will be told what to produce and how much. Only the filthy rich will have smart phones and only the filthy rich will be able to pick and drive what ever car they want. And the filthy rich will all able to get rich through the government. Everyone else will just simply exist for the benefit of the government. Just look at all communist countries. The quality of life hasn’t changed much in the last 100 years communism was let loose on to the world.


Thanks to the public indoctrination centers we call schools!