What Did She Think Was Going to Happen?


On Tuesday, Officer Tatum reacted to the video footage of a shootout that had injured a police officer and killed a woman on Friday morning.

Officer Josh Baker was shot in the torso as he performed a traffic stop concerning a car whose owner had multiple warrants of arrest to his name.

Tatum explains in the video that in Arizona, the law states that stopping the car to see if the car owner—who is wanted—is inside the vehicle.

The woman identified as Nika Nicole Holbert, making sure that she was alone in the car; Officer Josh Baker asked Holbert to bring the bag to him because she suspiciously kept going through it.

The video footage shows that the officer discovered what appeared to be marijuana and a white powdery substance. Because of this, Officer Baker attempted to detain Holbert as he called for backup.

This is where things got out of control.

When Officer Baker asked her to turn around, Holbert said as she backed away, “No, hold on. Please don’t put me in handcuffs. I haven’t done anything wrong.”

But contrary to her own words, she grabbed her bag as she backed away and ran around the car, away from the police officer. She headed straight to the driver’s seat as she tried to flee.

Officer Baker stopped her by tasing her, but not before she grabbed something inside the car. Seconds later, Officer Baker is heard screaming at the woman to “put the gun down” as he took a step back.

As the footage shows, Holbert shot the officer in the torso, which knocked him back before he fired shots in return. He immediately told dispatch that shots had been fired.

From the body cam footage, the gun is seen being tossed out of the car to the ground as Holbert drove out of the parking lot. However, as she attempted to escape, she crashed the car into the bushes at a nearby intersection.

Medics arrived on the scene and took Nika Nicole Holbert to the Skyline Medical Center. They were unable to save her, and she died. Now, Twitter users are worried that this will spark more BLM protests claiming police brutality against a black person.

Tatum says that Officer Baker could have handled the situation better, but that despite that, the video footage shows us the undeniable truth that Holbert was in the wrong.

Here’s the video of Tatum explaining everything that happened in the video footage and how Holbert “was one hundred percent responsible for what happened to her.”

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Gary Larson

Someone should start a go fund me account for the officer. That women was totally in the wrong.

Stacy Dougherty

What! she shoots a cop and fled the scene and kills herself! This is a no brainer!
Plenty of prays to go around in this altercation.


what if it’s all staged in order to spark more violence? far too many things that just don’t add up.

Donald Nicholas

As proven by Travon Martin, Michael Brown and George Floyd facts have no place in narratives. It’s a shame our politicians aren’t requires to ware body cams.


Excellent discussion and frame review of what took place. The drug damage to America has spiraled out of control and is one major reason for the violence in America, but I believe our liberal policies of catch and release, I’m a victim, judges and lawyers refusing to allow the rule of law to be implemented is the problem. Our country use to be “we are all Americans”, now we are all being segregated into racial tribes and told we must hate each other. Without the rule of law we will become no better than the gangs and corrupt politicians who are hijacking America. Until we weed out the corruption America will continue its down hill slide. Stand up American’s before it’s to late. The young man who reviewed this video my hat is off to you for your honesty.

Gerald S Ladd

Coons never do anything wrong. So we’ve been told.


“Do unto others”