WH Reporter Confirms: Biden’s Dementia is Worse than We All Thought

WH Reporter Confirms: Biden's Dementia is Worse than We All Thought

Last week, a meeting was held at the White House to discuss the worsening border crisis.

As usual, during the meeting, President Biden blamed the migrant surgeon, former President Trump. And, to make matters worse, Biden even lied about the crisis.

After lying through his teeth, Biden seemed to lose himself again. As a result, his Chief of Staff, Ron Klain, was left with no choice but to make the press leave the room.

“Now we’re going to get down to business here, and—Ron, who am I turning this over to?”

Biden asked his Chief of Staff. Klein responded, “Thank you very much, Mr. President. I think it’s time for our friends in the press to leave now. Thank you.”

Still, it gets even worse.

As Fox News reporter Peter Doocy said, Biden had no idea he was holding a press conference.

“The eve of his first solo press conference as president a few minutes ago, somebody shouted out to [Biden], ‘How are you getting ready for your press conference?’ and he said, ‘What press conference?’” Doocy reported.

This is just another instance showing us how far gone Biden is. With so many videos of him getting confused live, how do the liberals expect us to believe he’s the same man they say he is?

The whole world is watching because it’s not just our problem if the free world leader has dementia. After all, how can the president of one of the strongest nations be someone who isn’t even himself?

As Blaze TV’s Slightly Offensive host Elijah Schaffer said, “This is the man who beat Trump?”

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In a world gone mad the Fool is King.

charles wilkins

That team of his hiding behind the drapes, are socialist as is Biden, interested in making money but could care less what’s good for Americans, he has sold his soul to be a player in the pay for play game. Biden and his family will ever be know as traitors for personal financial enrichment. NOT MENTALLY FIT: Three Dozen House Dems Turn on Biden. (Big League Politics) – President-imposed Joe Biden is already being undermined by Democrats who want him out of the picture and replaced with an individual who does not have severe cognitive impairments. Three dozen House Democrats have signed a letter urging for the nuclear codes to be removed from Biden as they attempt to neuter the illegitimate Commander-in-Chief before his dementia leads to a potential disaster. In their letter, the disingenuous Democrats framed it as if Trump, who pulled troops out of many different countries, was the reason they were taking this order even though he was just ousted from office. “Vesting one person with this authority entails real risks,” states the letter, which was led by Rep. Jimmy Panetta (D-CA). “Past presidents have threatened to attack other countries with nuclear weapons or exhibited behavior that caused other officials to express concern about the president’s judgment. “Joe Biden health condition is worse than ever before. And now Secret Service agents have accidentally leaked special information about Biden’s health. According to Populist Press, Former Secret Service And Conservative Commentator Dan Bongino says that sources close to the White House have confirmed to him that Joe Biden’s condition has gotten very, very serious. Dan Bongino Drops Biden Health Bombshell Former Secret Service Agent and Conservative Commentator Dan Bongino said that secret service agents are telling him just how bad Biden’s condition is. On Fox News with Sean Hannity, Bongino revealed the following news to viewers: “It gives me absolutely no joy in saying this… He is in real significant trouble. Everyone around him, everyone knows it.”

Last edited 5 months ago by charles wilkins

Assuming his dementia is as bad or worse than the Dems want us to believe, then nothing he has signed is legal and valid. A document signed by someone who is cognitively and mentally impaired is invalid in a court of law. Biden’s condition was obvious before the election and during the campaign, and immediately they are now wanting to take the nuclear codes from him, so clearly he is not competent. Therefore, all his Executive Orders should be overturned immediately under an emergency hearing by the Supreme Court based on legal mental impairment. Pelosi, before the election, was talking about the 25th amendment and it was not for Trump, so she was preparing to remove him even before he was elected. That is the perpetration of a fraud on the American people.
Then the Democrat Party needs to be sued by the people for misrepresentation and fraud in presenting an incompetent candidate and claiming he was competent when he clearly was not. And remember the VP did not even get 7% of her party’s vote in a primary so dropped out. And now they are trying to pass voting laws at the federal level to ensure that the fraud and deception will go on.
The election for president should be voided due to the fraud perpetrated on the voters – and that is not election fraud, that is fraud in presenting a candidate who is mentally incapable of making a sound decision, cannot even find his way to a helicopter that was 50 feet away, cannot complete a coherent sentence or thought, and gets lost on his way to the bathroom. It is time the Dems stop hiding a president who has dementia or Alzheimer’s and we have an election to elect someone competent.


Goes to show you what how far the dems will go to get a dem in office even if he does not have all his faculties. Take a look at Pelsoi she is in the same situation as Biden no mind at all just rants and raves about things. This is what the voting people of this country was tricked in to delivering to the american people DEMENTIA RIDDEN BIDEN AND PELOSI ALONG WITH THE MORON SCHUMER AND GOD KNOW WHAT HARRIS IS SHE IS COMPLETELY LOST.


Where is his family, especially Jill. She claims to love him but instead of taking care of him she is committing “Elder Abuse”! Letting her husband make such a fool of himself in public is reprehensible. Always thought she was just looking for attention. She got the name now she needs the fame!


Joanne, that’s DR. Jill! I think she wants the fame and freebies and retirement $$. Their greed is overwhelming. They’ve both been cheaters their whole lives.

Last edited 5 months ago by grinnie

The millions from Russia, the Ukraine and China weren’t enough for her?

Old wolf

Biden maybe worse then you though … One look at him I knew he was a moron .


They say we’re the strongest nation in the world. That’s wrong. We WERE the strongest nation in the world but Bill Clinton, Barak Obama and Joe Biden have destroyed all that. If China were to attack us now we wouldn’t have the chance of a snowball in hell. And as for Biden and his gun control fiasco, when during WW II Japan was getting ready to invade the West Coast. Adm. Yamamoto, who was in command nixed that when he said, “Firearms are as thick as the blades of grass. Casualties would be unacceptable.” Personally, I think Biden actually wants to GIVE our country away to some communist country like China or Iran.


The fact is we ARE the strongest nation in the world, but we have the weakest president in the world. That last part of my statement makes YOUR statement completely accurate.


Who’s controlling the rudder? China-Joe has no idea what he is doing or saying without a tele-prompter. He and Dot-head is a total disgrace. This country deserves better. BHO and Susan Rice must be pulling the strings.




Those who voted for him must also have dementia or they are just plain stupid!