WH Aides Block Sidney Powell from Entering


Atty. Sidney Powell recently told The Zenger News that President Trump had been offered a special counsel position for looking into fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

Powell likewise revealed the advisors close to the president now blocks her from meeting him to make the offer official. She explained that the offer as “special White House counsel” was made verbally. 

“It has not come to pass,” said Powell, adding, “because it seems it was blocked after Friday night or undone, or I’m not sure what you’d call it,” Powell suggested it was by the senior White House staff.

“Someone threw sand in the gears?” asked the interviewer. The attorney responded, “Something like that.”

Powell claims she has been blocked from speaking to or communicating with President Trump since she left the White House on Friday night, apparently by everyone around the president.

According to The Epoch Times report, Powell clarified there was a discussion about her as a special White House counsel. The attorney general appoints a special counsel, while the president can appoint a special White House counsel.  

On a Monday press conference, AG William Barr said there is no reason at hand to appoint a special counsel to probe the election fraud allegations.  

“If I thought a special counsel at this stage was the right tool and was appropriate, I would name one, but I haven’t, and I’m not going to,” said Barr. The attorney general added he stands by his earlier assessment that there was no massive evidence of fraud enough to overturn the DOJ results.

“I was commenting on the extent to which we had looked at suggestions or allegations of systemic or broad-based fraud that would affect the outcome of the election, and I already spoke to that, and I stand by that statement,” Barr said.

He added, “Let me just say that there [is] fraud in, unfortunately in most elections, I think we’re too tolerant of it.”