We’ve Been Trained to IGNORE the Things That REALLY Matter…

We've Been Trained to IGNORE the Things That REALLY Matter...
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Fox News
– ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ host examines the consequences of ‘negligence’ in leadership.

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This is one of the most “close to home” monologues that Tucker has ever done, I’m a black 35yo guy , and i moved from the big city of Phx to a small small Trump country town 60 miles outside, Half the rent, half the people, and crazy scenic views. It has been the best decision I have made this far.

How every American doesn’t see the obvious, like Tucker, is beyond me. God bless this great American. And never end the fight.


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Old wolf

The delusional democrats are winning cause no one wants to fight the fight that needs to be fought . It’s easier to turn one’s head and act like you didn’t see anything then to stand up to the corruption of the delusional democrats . This wont have happened back in the 40s or 50s . There would of been fighting in the streets . That was when men were men and had back bones . They had beliefs in the way of life . What ever happened to that is beyond me . Now every one has hurt feelings that don’t add up to crap . Everyone wants everything for free . Like their owed everything . They don’t know how to earn it themselfs or just to damn lazy to . But then when the government gives everything for free as long as you vote for them , who wants to work for their needs . Just like they say built back better . How can you BBB when your destroying everything ??? Time to wake up and fix things ourselfs cause the government showed they won’t .