We Will Remove Politics from the Classroom

We Will Remove Politics from the Classroom
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Breitbart News – Virginia’s newly-inaugurated Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R) said on Saturday that he will keep politics from the state’s education system.

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Bring back Civics, Home Economics and vo-tech not every child wants to go to college.

Democrats will twist this.


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There will ALWAYS be “politics in the classroom” – I remember the inanities which dribbled with the drool out of the mouths of some of my teachers back in the late 60’s, when the Leftist politicization of almost all of America’s institutions started. What we can do is remove the official sanction that idiocies such as CRT and 1619 currently enjoy – and we should have mechanisms for parents to monitor and challenge teacher overreach. Beyond that, the best lesson coming out of Virginia isn’t from the new Governor’s office but out of the new, Republican AG’s office – namely the wholesale firing of every fireable individual in the AG’s office. We need a housecleaning. Civil service and union protections which enable the type of sabotage we saw the entrenched bureaucracy inflict on Trump need eliminated and these offices reorganized – and where appropriate, restaffed, from the janitor up. We’ll never get meaningful “Parents’ Bills of Rights” in the school system so long as the people who administer it are allowed to impose their own policies on the will of the people and the best way to ensure that doesn’t happen is to clean house and start from scratch..