WATCH: Wife Of Man Killed By Looters Delivers Emotional Speech

WATCH: Wife Of Man Killed By Looters Delivers Emotional Speech
Image Screenshot From PBS NewsHour YouTube Video Below.

David, a retired police captain of St. Louis, was shot and murdered in June. The devastating news shocked his entire family. His wife spoke, “My husband was killed when the country was burning with violence. It is hard to believe, but lootings and anarchy were the orders of the day. Ever since, not a day went by when I haven’t witnessed the fear and tremble in my bones. We relive the extreme horror every day.”

Seargent Ann Marie Dorn, the widow of David, struggles to hold back her tears while speaking of her late husband, at the Republican National Convention. Not only was she heart-broken and wretched, but also infuriated about the riots happening all across the country.

It was not just Marie who criticized the violence currently prevailing in America. More speakers raised the same voice at the Republican National Convention. An act of protest is arguably understandable during a disagreement with a course of action. Black people killed by police officers are unfathomable. However, police officers are expected to restore order even when it entails firing at people, especially self-defense. Not all policemen specifically target black people, but all criminals, regardless of race. A peaceful protest must be discerned from a riot.

What good is the rioters’ agenda if they have taken to merciless killings, lootings, and absolute catastrophe? Ann Dorns’s speech brimmed with emotions and left several viewers teary-eyed, hearing about the horror she had to endure.

Here’s what the widow uttered, right from her heart.

“I am experiencing every spec of horror. I hope, along with a multitude of others, with good intentions in heart will support and reminisce about the horror I have gone through. The country needs a good shudder. Violence and anarchy do not sound like America. It is time to bring a revolutionary change that restores peace and order in the country.”

She raised a few questions. “How did we hit the lowest point? The young generation is all about blood and violence. What forced the transformation? What made them inhumane?”

The widow went on to say that it is not anything like a video game where you have a free pass to create havoc. We are humans of flesh and blood. You don’t have the power to bring life into a dead man. It is way different from the characters in a video game. David’s body is cold in the grave. He won’t be back, not now, not ever. A bunch of strangers hurled upon my husband and shot him dead. Instead, he was a man of valor and sympathy. He probably would have helped them if they were miserable. The woman’s voice shivered as she spoke.

Charges of murder have been imposed. Immediate arrest warrants have been issued against the suspects on the killing of David Dorn.

David Dorn, a retired police captain, was out safeguarding a pawn shop, “Lee’s Pawn And Jewellery,” owned by his friend. The incident occurred in the early hours of June 2nd.

Lootings are everywhere—reports of violence, robbery, and theft in several cities, all across the country in the wake of the George Floyd killing. The ‘Black Man’ was attempted to be taken into the Minneapolis police custody while unarmed, and later mistreated, and killed blatantly by a police officer. As a result, violent protests sparked all over the country. America is up in flames. People shouldn’t add to the catastrophe. Americans need to make a change and build a safer place for the younger generations.

Meanwhile, the Circuit Attorney of St.Louis, Kimberly M. Gardner, gave a statement. “Twenty-four-year-old Stephan Cannon is arrested. He is a prime suspect, associated with the killing of the retired police captain.”

Cannon faces first-degree burglary, felony, murder, and robbery. The accused young man had a firearm in possession, which he used to kill David Dorn.