Watch: What’s Up with Shifty Schiff’s Eyes?

Watch What's Up with Shifty Schiff's Eyes
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The News Junkie’s Archives – What’s up with those eyes?

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He is looking for a sunny rock to warm himself on, like any good snake.

It’s simple…the bigger the lies, the bigger his eyes… The level of creep with this dude is OFF the charts.

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I’ve got a question for ya chithead if the scotus is equal then why does biden ignore it when Trump did not. Any time any judge ruled against him including that bastion of judicial dumbasserie the 9th circuit Trump immediately stopped what they were doing and then lets the courts decide. Most if not all decisions were in his favor due to higher court decisions as the lowercourts seeking these injunctions are political and based on libtard feelings instead of jurisprudence.


He’s rabid