Watch Trump Win Against Biden in this Simulated Debate

Watch Trump Win Against Biden in this Simulated Debate
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The global pandemic has played a huge role in transforming the US Elections. Bernie Sanders is out of the Presidential race. Joe Biden is the only competitor left for incumbent President Donald Trump.

The Covid-19 pandemic has rendered in-person campaigns utterly useless. Rallies are also the talk of the past. Social distancing regulations, as well as travel restrictions, are in effect in the country.

The primary elements of the Presidential election are uncertain and ambiguous to a great extent. There is a high risk of exposure to the virus in all parts of the country. It is unclear as to how the voting process, conventions, and especially the debates are to take place.

 What is Joe Biden’s election agenda?

Mercedes Schlapp, the senior advisor for the Trump election campaign, has spoken to the media recently. She highlights her views on Biden’s election agenda. Schlapp has said that Joe Biden is trying to take the socialist route to the Oval Office.

Ms. Schlapp believes that Biden wishes to play along the leftist agenda to win this election. Biden wants to make several changes after he is elected President. He wants to abolish the death penalty, ICE as well as the illegal drug industry.

The election expert says that he is the “Trojan Horse for the Left.” She is certain that he will not be able to stand up to dictators. Biden is expected to align his interests with China after he is elected President of the United States.

Biden wishes to raise Corporate Taxes to 28%, which is 3% more than China’s tax rate. The media, along with election analysts, believe that Trump has the edge over Biden. They believe Trump will be a clear winner in the upcoming Presidential debates if they were to go head to head on current issues.

The media has also observed that Biden is avoiding tough and sensitive questions about his previous administration. The American people desire to know what will change in 2021 if nothing changed for eight years.

 Trump vs. Biden: All that was exchanged

Trump and Biden exchanged a series of statements while addressing supporters. Biden stated that Trump must pay heed to what his health experts say. Trump rebuked Biden by calling out the latter’s disagreement with his travel ban.

The current US President believes that he has saved thousands of lives. Removal of travel restrictions could result in a major loss of life.

Joe Biden said that American industries are major players in the global market while Trump shook his head in dismay. The latter exclaimed that 10,000 American factories were shut down during Biden’s administration.

Biden pointed out that 1 in 5 highways in the US is in terrible condition. However, Trump nailed the rebuttal. He said that these highways could have been repaired in the eight years that Biden was in the White House.

Finally, both the election contenders had contradictory views on energy conservation. Analysts observed that Biden wants a green signal for a clean energy generation project. However, this project estimates the costs of trillions of dollars while Trump has efficiently worked to create an energy-efficient nation.

Trump’s energy projects have made America self-reliant and saved it from the recession. The presiding President has also claimed that Biden has launched several attacks on his policies. He faces constant criticism for his administrative policies.

The current President also said that Biden is partly to blame for his incumbency and impeachment troubles. It is evident that the fall debates for the Presidential Election will see both the contenders at each other’s throats.

 Final Takeaways

The Trump Election Campaign’s Senior Advisor has made one thing clear. It is crystal clear from her views that Trump is not backing down and will give Biden a tough time in his run for the office.

Even though the election process is still a blur, one can expect the pandemic situation to get better in some time. The Trump administration and the election authorities are constantly at it to ensure an efficient election process.

The times are tough, and hindrances might occur, but the Presidential debates will help America greatly. While the contenders are constantly taking digs at each other, it will be worthwhile to see who comes out at the top.