WATCH: Trump Can’t Stop Laughing

WATCH: Trump Can't Stop Laughing
Image Screenshot From Jim Hoft YouTube Video Below.

President Trump had four rallies all over Pennsylvania on Saturday and was back on the campaign trail the following day on Sunday.

At 11 am, President Trump had a rally in Michigan where he couldn’t stop laughing after showing a video to the crowd. From the looks of things, he seems positive about winning the election.

The video in question was of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. Watch how President Trump can’t stop laughing below.

“You know what?” Trump began. “We have such great potential … we want to be nice. You know the good news? He’s not a nice guy so I don’t feel bad at all.”

Courtney Holland, who posted the video, tweeted again about President Trump’s reaction.

Here’s the video that President Trump couldn’t stop laughing at.