Watch This US Army Drill Go ‘Full Woke’…

Watch This US Army Drill Go 'Full Woke'...
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Charlie Kirk – US Army Drill Goes Full Woke

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Russia and China can’t stop laughing either

A small minority of radicals kicking the ass of the Patriot majority, we have no one to blame but ourselves

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Putin got that right making a bunch of pussies out of the service men

Sandi G

I honestly thought I was watching women in skirts at first! What are these poor men wearing??? What kind of fight will they be useful for? This is sickening!!


During the days of Viet Nam a drill Sergeant trying to instill what this one was doing would have had someone salute her ( and a viet cong sniper take her out ) . Biden and the woke society are leaving America unable to protect ourselves. Instead of whatever that was they were wearing ( we trained in full gear ) why didn’t they just issue them pink skirts!

marsha rachford

This is how they USED to embarrass and punish men. Now their lack of “manhood, strength, power” is deemed harmful. Can’t wait til they are the ones trying to defend us from evil. How many socialworkers will they bring along to the battle field to just explain to the evil people that they should stop the evil things they are doing. Geez, someone please explain to our leaders what is happening, and did happen in China, Russia, Venezuela, CUba, etc they the socialist/communists took over.


Oh my god, how bad can this get. What an embarrassment, to America and the world. We are becoming the hidenbiden, circus of incompetents, what a cartoon character, and his circus of nincompoops.


So is this standard issue marching chants???
Or can the drill Sargents now just make up whatever they want?
What happened to strict protocols?
We fricking Doomed!!