Watch This: Supreme Court Overrides Biden on Pipeline…

Watch This Supreme Court Overrides Biden on Pipeline...
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– Martin Walsh from Conservative Brief reports, The U.S. Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that the developers of the $1 billion PennEast natural gas pipeline have the legal authority to seize land to build the project in New Jersey.

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Biden will literally go down in history as the worst president of all time forever

But who will enforce their rulings? He’s ignored the eviction moratorium ruling that it’s not constitutional.

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Hidenbiden is the terrorist, and needs to be removed, for total incompetency.


He has also committed impeachable offenses such as failing in the #1 duty of a POTUS to keep the county safe and duly carry out the laws of the land.: 1) open Southern border which allows anyone to come into the country and disappear. 2) disatrous pull-out of military from Afghanistan, allowing terrorists to roam freely aound the world, including the USA..


Biden needs to be removed for being an anti-American idiot. Harris should be barred from assuming the office of president because she’s…….. well, because she’s Kamala Harris.

John J

TAKING people’s land is not right, stick eminent domain up your ass; if a person isn’t willing to sell go around or go away


Since the Keystone Pipeline had been approved and sanctioned by EPA as to its clearance then it should be cleared to continue as well. Biden has already admitted the shutdown was political that should be one more nail in the coffin to shut him down as a criminal president. American doesn’t need a crook as president in the Oval Office. He should be in a rectangle cell!