Watch This: Stefanik Puts Liz Cheney in Her Place on Live TV…

The Next News Network
– Jonathan Davis from Trending Politics reports, Newly-elected House Republican Conference chair Elise Stefanik officially canceled Rep. Liz Cheney’s vision for the party on Sunday during an interview with Fox News host Maria Bartiromo, saying that the Wyoming establishmentarian was too obsessed with former President Donald Trump’s past to use his visionary policies to move the party forward.

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Hopefully this is the last of the Cheney family TRAITORS !!!

Cheney is just obsessed with her hatred of Trump.

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The Republican Party had better move in Warp Speed to divest the party of Never Trumpers, Lincoln Project, dead wood like Romney, Sass and Zinger. Time is of the essence and the right is less in number than the left even though our cause is the right answer to those who would destroy the Republic. Biden, the Squad, msm and the WOKE brigade must all be banished and common sense restored to America.


The Republican party is tearing itself apart. Most are totally ignorant of the truth that surrounds them. The truth will out at some point, or should I say the delusions will stop at some point. I do not understand the loyalty to a very unintelligent man who want to be the 22nd century Hitler. He is such a con. Everything was recorded and on TV, and the entire world watched the US becoming undone. I know Putin was very happy, as he got what he wanted. What hold does the former president have over these people? We almost think he has threatened them to get their allegiance. I have never seen anything like this in my life.