Watch This Packed-Out Stadium Tell Biden How They Feel…

Watch This Packed-Out Stadium Tell Biden How They Feel...
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Charlie Kirk – Volunteers’ Stadium is NOT a Fan of Joe Biden, Watch Them Let Him Know

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Biden said he wanted to, “Unite us all”. He certainly has done so.

The most popular president ever!!!! Lol!!!! I don’t think so!!! American people can’t stand this fraud!

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We don’t have president We got sick man who by Fraud call himself president. Ask him which country, he has no idea.


A walking zombie, a pathtic,sick,fraud, pretending to be president, gets us in one crisis after another, is not mentally fit, to make any decisions. If these incompetent, politicians of both parties don’t stop this embarrassment, from doing any more damage to this country, they need to get the hell out of government. U repukes need to grow spine, and some cahonas and stop this phony, and his misfits of idiots, from getting us nuked. We need to get rid of the president,generals,blinken,sullivan,who ever ordered the drone strike, these traitors are a danger to America, Get rid of them before civil war breaks loose.

Democrats are evil

I agree. I hate democrats / liberals. there has not been an honest liberal or democrat ever. If there were the sierra club would be paying for all the damages from all the wildfires. it was their “liberal” forest management practices that have killed thousands. all the logging was ugly but at least the trees got used for something useful and they did not put millions of tons of carbon in the air.

However the republicans are spineless limp dicks. There should be billboard all over america listing bidens failures and that biden / obama paid for the development of covid 19 and fauci manged the project. they should be writing about the illegals being shipped around with no vaccinations of any type while we are being forced into the covid shot (not a vaccine)

It is pathetic how wimpy the republicans are. that is why I liked trump. he was not a wimp.

I am just happy to see some young people smart enough to not be sheep. I bet their sheep professors are upset.

Democrats are evil

Ok so young people are turning away from the democrats and the blacks are turning away from the democrats because of his covid shot mandate and his useless covid mask mandates.

The Hispanics are turning away from the democrats because of the way they have handles the border.

biden’s destruction of the economy, high inflation, and high gas prices have the lower middle class turning away from the democrats.

the shutting down of the pipeline and the push for electric cars has the unions hosed up and their membership leaving the democrats.

The only ones left as strong supports are the upper middle class white Karen’s and the over 55 white women who wanted to be 1968 hippies. biden’s tax increases are going to hit them hard.

I guess the democrats better hope not too many more states pass election laws to stop their voter fraud because voter fraud is the only way the democrats will win with all of their core groups walking away from them.

Just to remind you democrats that was a pack stadium chanting F#@k Joe Biden. you might want to tell him to back of the tyranny about 80%.