Watch This: Homicides Outnumber COVID Deaths 3 to 1…

Watch This Homicides Outnumber COVID Deaths 3 to 1...
Image From Video Below...

Fox News
– Marvin Moore, a longtime friend of shooting victim Kervin Sanchez, says the violent crime in D.C. is ‘unlike anything’ he’s ever seen.

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This is what u get in hidenbiden’s lawless land, defund the police,take away their powers to arrest criminals, don’t prosecute the one’s killing people, let the criminals run the asylum, and terrorize american citizens. This incompetent, unfit, buffoon needs toi be impeached,or removed for total incpmpetence.

Ann Arbor

Be fair; Biden was the best qualified the Democrats had to offer. Harris is only there to make Biden look better. OK, OK, impeach the worthless beggar. Besides, I thought homicides were still counted as a particularly violent strain of COVID this year. The sick immigrants with weapons are just carriers.


I gotta idea, let’s outlaw murder! Oh, that’s right, we already did. .Sarc intended.

John J

With the anti American, anti Law demo vomits in, things will get much worse


Most of the killings are in blue states , so let them do the job for us . Who cares if they kill each other off . Just less to deal with later . Beside the delusional democrats who run these states are ok with this so let the bleed run . 2/3 are blacks killing blacks , not cops killing blacks . Seem it doesn’t matter if blacks kill blacks . So much for blm cause blacks don’t think so , it shows with blacks killing blacks .