Watch This Democrat Have a Meltdown When Exposed Over Election Integrity

During a court hearing last week, Democrat Steve Cohen had an unsightly meltdown when the left’s agenda was exposed.

“Your legislation being put forward now for voting rights authorization and expansion of counts any change to a state’s voter ID law as a mark against it. 36 states already have voter I.D. laws. That’s what’s being done. It’s very specific. It’s very purposeful. That’s what’s actually happening,” Republican Representative Chip Roy began.

“The Voting Rights Act punishes the states for improving the processes they use to clean up and maintain accurate voting rules,” he quoted. “They’re making that an actual element. To try to compare making sure that voting rules, which have currently massive numbers of dead people registered, people who aren’t in the state, people who have moved, where you can’t have faith in the voting rules—somehow, that is going to be made equivalent to the Jim Crow South for which the Voting Rights Act was so important in 1965. And it undermines the Voting Rights Act.”

Representative Roy then made it clear that the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments of the Constitution were all passed by Republicans, while the move for the ‘64 and ‘65 Civil Rights Acts was “led heavily by Republicans.” 

“And so we sit here today, as we’re being accused by many of our colleagues on the other side of the aisle of wanting “to perpetuate the Jim Crow South somehow,” when, in fact, what we’re trying to do is perpetuate laws that you can believe and that you’ve so eloquently discussed. Do you see any merit in that whatsoever?” Roy asked North Carolina Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson.

“Absolutely not,” the Lt. Gen. immediately said. “We don’t want power. We want integrity. We want the right thing to be done. We want to encourage citizens to be responsible. We want to have the best election system in the world. Third-world countries—places like India where the poverty rate is staggering—they have to show that finger when they go vote.”

“It’s time that we modernize our election system in this country and stop playing all these silly games based on race. Please stop using me as a black man as your opponent—and yes, I said it—to push your agenda. I’m sick of it,” he continued. “It happened a long time ago in this country, and I’m tired of it.”

At this point, Chairman Cohen could not keep quiet any longer. While repeatedly banging his gavel, he said, “the question time has expired.” He refused to let Rep. Roy speak, repeatedly saying that the “time has expired” while banging his gavel.

As the Republicans said, “What a great way to run a hearing.”

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Sue A Beal

He should be hung for treason against my vote. By the way my vote was never counted. It was accepted but never counted

Joe Eisen

When I called to verify my vote, I was told that those records are not available!


Gotta love those democrats. Scum. Every one