Watch This: Democrat Barney Frank Shreds Joe Biden

Newsmax TV
– Longtime Democrat and former Congressman Barney Frank joins Spicer & Co. to discuss the ‘basic math and fundamentals and common sense’ that are seemingly opposing President Biden’s spending plans.

Top Comments:

He just attacked Republicans he didn’t shred Biden’s spending.

I still wonder what life would have been like after 2008 if Barney Frank was never in Congress. For all of us 1st time home buyers especially in CA between 2005-2008, that dude single handedly set us back at least a decade financially.

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charles wilkins


Stick to your American ideals: The Biden’s have been caught again in bed with the China Spy Rings,” Hunter” is now suppose to under investigation for working with Chinese spy rings. It’s apparent socialist Biden’s policies are not working, our country is in turmoil, beginning downslides of financial declines, in energy, employment, with total economic failures. Tax and spend, spend and tax is not a forward moving policy, it just points puts us in a quick trend towards total bankruptcy. Time for positive change, with leadership that can solve problems, not add to the false promise of equal government controlled solvency. The Biden’s have sold their American values for profit, power, and are now trying to hold that position of socialist, communist values at all cost. They are violating our Constitution, our principal, and most of all our American values. The Biden dictatorship is done, all are seeing the truth of his lies now, the worm is turning and America will return to it’s glory.


The Author got a major thing WRONG. Common Sense is dead and has been since Slick Willie’s first assault on the White House. That is also when the MORON MEDIA started dropping their pretense of unbiased reporting. As for Frank speaking against Pedo Joe it is most likely out of envy. That is why McCain and Romney attacked President Trump. Pedo Joe has no plan what is being done is done by the DNC who wanted the Ho in office. They are just getting America ready for the SOCIALIST AND COMMUNIST IGNORANCE they want America under.