Watch This: Crooks Walk Out with Stolen Merchandise in Broad Daylight…

Watch This: Crooks Walk Out with Stolen Merchandise in Broad Daylight...
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The Next News Network – Kenneth Garger from The New York Post reports, Two crooks casually walked out of a TJ Maxx in Los Angeles with armfuls of merchandise on Monday — apparently walking by several store workers on the way to the exit.

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Sick. Yes, a failure or breakdown of a lawful system.

There aren’t too many problems a .44 mag can’t solve, this is one of them.

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This is what happens when cops are afraid to be cops and store owners who are afraid to protect their merchandise. People will eventually get sick of this behavior and take law into their own hands. Then this will stop.


Now a armed security guard has to be hired ? What a brazing nerve of those 2 young stealing thugs. Surveillance Cameras knew exactly what was going. The cops should have been outside in that parking lot directing them to take those clothes back inside the store. After arresting them for Grand Larceny. They deserve a lengthy prison stay. Also hold the parents accountable.


How dare you insult those awesome thugs. This is their black privilege. It will eventually stop, when people take the law into their own hands. I can’t remember, ever seeing anyone walk out of any store with stolen merchandise & nothing happen to them. When all stores have been closed, due to horrific theft, I wonder where these individuals will go then. It can’t keep happening, as no store, can stay in business with this type of theft. Everyone will just start going into these stores & taking anything they like, knowing, nothing will be done to them, unless they are white supremacist. They will probably be killed for their theft, on the spot, because of their white privilege. No wonder America has lost at the Olympics.. The entire world is in shock at what Biden criminals have done to America. The world is having their payback at America’s losses. I have a friend who came to America 48 years ago & she told me, yesterday, how she was in shock at what she is seeing in America today —- same as the country from which she & her family fled. She was crying from fear of what is happening & what is coming for we Americans.

Dawg Hersey

just more role models for the negro race!


These lowlife thugs need to have a rude awakening, perhaps a bullet in the head would do the trick! Oops, I may have just given these idiots too much credit. If you are a criminal, and you get your ass blown to pieces, don’t blame society, blame yourself for being a dumb ass!


If it were me, I would have given them two choices, drop the stolen items or, drop your balls right where you stand! Actually, I would enjoy those bastards screaming, you just blew off my nuts!