Watch this Biden Staffer try to Block Ted Cruz from Filming the Atrocity

Watch this Biden Staffer try to Block Ted Cruz from Filming the Atrocity

Last week, Senator Ted Cruz and 18 other senators visited the Texas-Mexico border to see what can be done about the escalating border crisis.

When they got there, the senator tried to take a video to show the truth of how the migrants are being treated at the border.

“I understand why the Biden team does not want cameras to be allowed in this location,” Cruz said before showing what the inside of the facility is like.

In the video, a female Biden administration staffer can be seen blocking him from recording the interior of a border facility.

“Please give dignity to the people. Please respect the people, the rules,” the staffer repeatedly tells Cruz as she continues to block his camera.

In the video, Cruz can be heard saying that the woman is a senior adviser who was hired just two weeks prior.

“Are you respecting the rights of these kids?” he asked.

The staffer continued as if she had not heard him: “This is not a zoo, sir, please respect the people. Please don’t treat the people like this.”

“You’re right. And this is a dangerous place,” Cruz said. “Your policies are unfortunately trying to hide them. I understand that you were instructed.”

“I respect them,” he continued. “I want to fix this situation.”

“We all want to fix this, sir; we don’t want this to happen anymore,” the staffer interjected.

“The administration you’re working for is responsible for these conditions,” said the senator.

Going back to her original statement, the staffer repeated, “Please respect the people.”

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Biden may want to change the name of alien to non citizen but either way what is happening at the border is the worst thing that has ever happened. Joe reversed the immigration policy that Trump put in place that worked. And did not set any new policy of his own. The border, he told the people during the campaign to surge the border. If he was elected come to the USA. So when he was inaugurated they started coming. Child traffickers, drug dealers, gang members, rapiers and some with covid 19. They were let in without tests or vaccines. The babies are piled in detention centers piled on top of each other and left alone. It is atrocious and inhumane.
Biden can use whatever words he’d like to describe the problems but it doesn’t change the crisis we are in or the sickening treatment of human life.
Particularly when you see no one is doing anything to change the conditions or the reason for the conditions. And Biden doesn’t want media to film it and show the world what he has allowed and is still letting happen. It is disgusting. He is more concerned with changing names on problems thinking that with a name change it will not sound as bad as it is.
Come on man open your eyes. Biden sold everyone a bunch of lies and the country is suffering because of it and he is less than 90 days in. There has been more chaos in the past three months with Biden in office. And it becomes worse every single day.