Watch This: Biden Insists He’s Not Satan Reincarnated…

Watch This: Biden Insists He's Not Satan Reincarnated...
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Newsmax TV
– At a CNN town hall event, President Joe Biden, while talking about the January 6th Capitol riot, said “I don’t care if you think I’m Satan reincarnated.” Newsmax’s National Report panel reacts.

Top Comments:

He certainly is doing his best to please Satan and ruin America.

He may not be the incarnation of Satan, but the spirit he’s operating in is certainly demonic.

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Dawg Hersey

hes to stupid to be satan and Nancy hitler would agree

Kenneth Bailey

I believe that most of the government politicians are Satan.

Jay Jones

His lips were moving when he said this….meaning he was lying….thats exactly who
he is !!!!! Just look around its very obvious he is!!!! Just no showing horns…