Watch This: Awkward Moments with Biden and Kamala at the MLK Memorial…

Watch This: Awkward Moments with Biden and Kamala at the MLK Memorial...
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The News Junkie’s Archives – Biden and Harris: Awkward moments at MLK Memorial.

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The most popular Presidential embarrassment in U.S. history.

The cackle heard round the world. Let’s Go Kammy!

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Old wolf

Well I say tear it down . It must be racist like every other statue that was removed . If one statue is racist then every statue is racist and needs to be removed . You can’t cry about one thing and not the other , that in its self is racist . Are you a racist for crying about everything ???


And these two are the leaders of the free world. What a cartoon,a clown and his circus of incompetents, this country is doomed, if we don’t get rid of this embarrassment,of humiliating,delusional,puppets, that were not elected,but installed by the deep state,and obuthead, in a stolen election. Karma will come back to haunt u cheating,lying,worthless thieves, who think they got away with the steal.U didn’t.


What the heck did I just watch?