Watch This America Hating Student Get Schooled…

Watch This America Hating Student Get Schooled...
Image From Video Below...

Charlie Kirk
– Charlie Kirk Schools America Hating Student

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Yes, America is the greatest country ever to exist, but sucks when Democrats are in power.

America is so great that even people who hate refuse to leave.

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These idiots aren’t worth the money to educate!


U can’t fix stupid, and most colleges indoctrinate, their students to hate their own country.

Joz Lee

Why don’t they go to other countries and get their ‘education’ there. why do they argue against so much American living in America? That is stuck on America is the Greatest Country in the World……but refuse to go the next step? Greatest, not Perfect? Watch their eyes ‘roll’ because they can’t answer!…Never go that far to learn and answer.

Harald Hardrada

She needs some wing-wang, but who would want to give it to her???


If these scumbags hate AMERICA so much
then send the scum to the country they
love so much, if they are old enough to
go to school and run their mouth to degrade
America then they are old enough to be
shipped out of the U.S.A. and never let
scum back in the U.S.A. again.