Watch: The Dems that Ran Away to Avoid the Voter Integrity Vote…

Watch: The Dems that Ran Away to Avoid the Voter Integrity Vote...
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Newsmax TV – TEXAS: Representatives fled the Lone Star State in order to avoid a vote on a Republican-backed effort to improve election integrity, and several of the lawmakers promoted the move publicly on social media. Senator Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee reacts. – via American Agenda, weekdays at 2PM ET on Newsmax

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The Biden administration is a total disaster, worst president and vice president in the history of this country.

Texas Democrats that ran away should be treated like all the people would be treated if they don’t show up for work. Fired!!

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They should all be voted out of office. What cowards.


What type of Voter Integrity is associated with Texas limiting Sunday voting, or longer hours, or limiting it to one drop box for a city of 4 million people the same as one drop box for 4 thousand people somewhere out in Bumfuk, Texas? Voter suppression is the order of the day, not this disingenuous b.s. that ignoramus Greg Abbott is trying to allege..


Another ignorant democrat but hey, it’s okay. We all know you get your information from CNN. Have you ever decided to find out the facts yourself? It’s called reading. Also, who would not want voter integrity? Oh year, a cheater!!!

Martin Evans

Did you ever hear of a polling place? How about Election DAY? People have been going to a POLLING PLACE on ELECTION DAY to vote for 245 years and it hasn’t been a problem until now.


Hopefully these DEMS will be staying at their own homes, drinking Miller, and laughing their heads off as they spread the COVIID… since it seems some of them may bot have been vacinated… Maybe they got the COVID from the plane… WAS IT ONE OF THE DEM CHARTERS THAT HAS BEEN SENDING THOUSANDS OF ILLEGALS , NO PAPERS, NOT TESTED ALL TO SPEAD COVID ACROSS THIS COUNTRY……..


Reps?!?!?~ NO! Reprehensible to the core. Pure scum