Watch the Crowd Gasp: 600k Ballots for Biden and only 3k for Trump in PA


In a hearing before the Pennsylvania State Legislature, Trump’s legal team headed by Rudy Giuliani presented evidence on the 2020 election fraud.

During the hearing, Giuliani and the team provided data on the ballot counts in Pennsylvania. The team discussed massive spikes in ballots for Democrat challenger Joe Biden who got almost 600,000 votes compared to the 3,200 votes for Trump in a short amount of time.

Giuliani asked the man presenting the data, “How much of the vote that accounted for Biden and how much for Trump?”

“Close to 600,000,” the man replied. The figures were about 570,000, and all the spikes were represented over time.

“For Biden?” the former NYC mayor asked.

“Correct,” came the response.

Giuliani then asked how much were counted for Trump.

“I think it was a little over 3,200,” the man replied. The revelation shocked the crowd as they collectively gasp upon hearing the data.

Pennsylvania hearing came after the Third Circuit Court of Appeals permitted Trump’s campaign with an accelerated review for the team’s appeal in the state.

Constitutional law attorney and Trump’s senior legal advisor Jenna Ellis announced, “Third Circuit Court of Appeals grants expedited review for Team Trump’s appeal from Pennsylvania.”

Fox News also reported that the appeal comes after Pennsylvania U.S. District Court Judge Matthew Brann threw out the Trump campaign’s lawsuit seeking an injunction to stop the election certification in the state. Most counties in Pennsylvania are scheduled to certify the election results on Monday.

Trump’s team argued that the state violated equal protection under the law as guaranteed by the Constitution. The counties didn’t equally inform voters of the technical issues that happened with the massive number of mail-in ballots.

Kathy Boockvar, Pennsylvania Secretary of State, and seven other counties sued by Trump’s legal team argued that the president already raised similar claims.

Bran dismissed the case with prejudice, without allowing Trump’s campaign to file an amended complaint.

The campaign then raised an appeal of Brann’s denial “solely based on undue delay.” The team asked the Third Circuit to send the suit back down to the lower court “to decide it on the merits promptly and proceed expeditiously to a hearing to enjoin certifying the results of the Presidential Election.”

The Third Circuit’s order states that the campaign has until Monday at 4 PM local time to file a brief supporting its argument in overturning the district court judge’s decision. Meanwhile, Boockvar has the same time until Tuesday to file theirs.