Watch: Survivor of Communism Warns Americans: ‘This Is the Beginning’


A survivor of communism was spotted outside Walter Reed Medical Center when well-wishers gather for President Trump’s prayer rally.

Megan Fox of PJ Media saw the woman, who refused to be identified, holding a sign that says, “Keep America Free; Communism Distancing.”

Curious, Fox decided to interview her and was touched with her story, as we would be too.

The woman claimed to be a political refugee from Vietnam whose dad was in the military stripped of his Vietnamese citizenship.

She recalled being in Vietnam and wondering what could be her future as a child of former military personnel. She relayed coming over to the US for freedom, yet could see history repeating itself.

“It’s not about the virus anymore. It’s about control,” she said.

She also relays what’s being mandated in her company, calling it “sensitivity towards Black Lives Matter.”

“They give you a raise based on certain goals that you meet during the year, and this is going to be added to your performance,” she said further.

Living free in the past years may have blinded us from what it truly means to be unfettered. Perhaps the video would teach us more as we listen to an actual survivor.

Watch and be educated.