WATCH: Seattle CHOP Leader Runs From Police & Cuffed

WATCH: Seattle CHOP Leader Runs From Police & Cuffed
Image credit to gandalfcunningham. Image modified from original.

One of the former leaders of the CHAZ/CHOP in Seattle is caught on camera running from police. During the pursuit, he is injured. Thugs are slowly being removed from our streets. The push to remove and ignore thug rule has begun.

Watch the video as the freeway footrace that ends with the former leader of the CHOP Zone in handcuffs. The arrest happened near the convention center in Seattle.

The suspect is wanted for a felony investigation so the police took chase. The suspect led police on a foot chase across I-5 major highway in Seattle. Watch the suspect jump over a barricade. He falls further than expected and sustains an ankle injury which terminates the chase shortly thereafter.

It looks like an episode of Live PD as the police chase and then detains the suspect. Then he’s loaded up into an EMS vehicle so they can attend to his injuries.

This supposed ‘leader’ of the CHOP Zone seems to be nothing more than a common thug running from the police to face the felony investigation for which he is wanted.