Watch Rand Paul Calls Out Dr. Fauci for ‘Mask Theatre’

Watch Rand Paul Calls Out Dr. Fauci for 'Mask Theatre'

Senator Rand Paul clashed with Dr. Fauci over the efficacy of masks Thursday in a Senate hearing.

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One of the highest-paid Federal officials & can’t give a straight answer.

It’s a pain to the quacks when a senator is also a physician and can catch them up in their shams.

Thank you for calling out the evil little man!! He is making himself a hero by fear and deviation!

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William Glazener

It is not a fair match when a dentist (who happens to be a senator) matches scientific knowledge with the world’s expert on Covid 19, plus many other viruses and diseases. Dr. Paul may know something about teeth – is he practicing dentistry and also taking a check for being a senator – but his qualifications to talk about Covid 19 are probably that he has read Dr. Fauci’s articles, speeches, books, testimony, and television interviews. Dr. Paul’s ignorance shines brightly, as do the teeth he may still work on.

kevin e harrison md

Rand Paul is an opthalmologist, you idiot. He is an MD, a graduate of Duke MEDICAL SCHOOL. He clearly knows more about viral immunity than this phony Imbecile. Fauci is an embarrassment to the entire medical community. He is a shill, a charlatan and a fraud.

Lorraine E Blazich

Viruses are so tiny that they can move through a mask like a mosquito flying through a cyclone fence. The forced wearing of a mask is all about forcing Americans to COMPLY with a useless Rule! Remember wearing masks cause respiratory and dental problems.