Watch Psaki Struggle Explaining why Migrants Get Hotel Rooms

Watch Psaki Struggle Explaining why Migrants Get Hotel Rooms

Breitbart News – White House press secretary Jen Psaki struggled to explain why President Joe Biden’s administration was considering putting up migrants in hotel rooms.

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Americans work hard for those tax dollars spent on things they would never consent to.

What the heck! I didn’t agree to this 😡 why do they get treated so much better than our military protecting his inauguration!!!!!!!!!

The $86,000,000.00 hotel bill for sheltering the alleged asylum seekers is only the beginning.

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They used to have prove their reasons for seeking asylum before they crossed our borders. Now they just just another bunch of illegal aliens encroaching on American’s lives. Sanctuary cities and states that harbor these people need to be sued for making their citizens break the laws.


Psaki is a moron and needs to circle back and get another job. She is the WORST spokesman ever


First of all, the National Guard was treated like s**t in DC! Biden/Harris, the crooked Democrats, George Soros and the Communist Chinese couldn’t care less about how our military is treated. I’m really surprised that our military leaders haven’t already turned on this corrupt and treasonous government! It’s very obvious that our Republic is under attack and, that the entire Democrat Party is acting in concert with our enemies. In other countries, they would be facing a firing squad!
Biden’s open border policies are all part of a plot to destroy our Republic and, if we don’t bring him and his so called administration down now, everything that we hold dear will be flushed down the drain! Add to that, his attack on our Constitutional Rights, should be more than enough evidence that we’re confronted with a well organized and deadly attack on every American Citizen. Question, do we just bend over and watch our Republic and the lives and futures of our children and grandchildren get flushed down the drain or, do we pick up the gauntlet and fight?