Watch Psaki Nervously Dodge Questions on Cuomo…

Watch Psaki Nervously Dodge Questions on Cuomo...
Image From Video Below...

BlazeTV – Biden’s Press Sec. Jen Psaki nervously dodged a lot of questions about New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo after a devastating state attorney general report on his sexual harassment allegations came out today.

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Lol Biden is even worse, all his targets are under the age of 13. They are one and the same.

She is so good at dodging she should be in the next Matrix.

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The Reason Jen Psaki is not Answering this Question is because she is in the Same position with Beijing Joe O’biden and doesn’t want to make it Obvious. This Pretending President has done the same thing in the past50 + Year’s. It was just shown on a Video that Beijing Joe had punched a Little Girls Chest why”ll Signing a EO. Beijing Joe Arrested , Investigated , Questioned and In jailed until he Resigns or is Impeached. Then brought up on Charges of Child Abuse.


HIDENBIDEN, the lying,racist,sexualperv,senile,frail,old,puppet,fool, that was installed by the deep state, needs to be impeached, or removed, for total incompetence, And u spineless,repukes, and worthless dumbocraps, need to shut this dam border down, Americans are dying,along with illegal immigrants, hidenbiden doesn’t have the power to open our borders. Biden has broken our laws of the land, he hasn’t protected our national security, terrorists are crossing our borders, that is grounds for impeachment. Time to get rid of this clown, that has stage 3 dementia, and is unfit,unstable,unhinged,disturbed, buffoon destroying our country.