Watch: Psaki Gets Nasty When Asked a Serious Question

Watch: Psaki Busted Lying About Your Rising Utility Costs

We all know that Press Secretary Jen Psaki can never hope to measure up to her predecessor, Kayleigh McEnany. While McEnany handled reporters and answered questions professionally, Psaki gets nasty when asked questions she doesn’t want to answer.

Last week, Iran had accused Israel of attacking one of their key nuclear facilities. Now, a reporter said, “foreign minister ministers are vowing revenge against Israel for its alleged attack on its nuclear facilities. Israel’s not denied this.”

“How concerned is the White House—is the president, that the actions of an ally potentially may be derailing efforts by the White House to get Iran back into compliance under the GCP audit?” the reporter asked.

“Well, I think I answered a version of this question earlier, but let me try again,” said Psaki. “Again, we’ve seen the reports. We don’t have anything more to speak to as it relates to the causes or who is responsible.”

“Our focus is, of course, on the diplomatic path forward. We’ve not been given any indication that attendance at the discussions that will proceed on Wednesday has changed. So that’s where our focus is,” Psaki said in a non-answer.

“But is there concern that the actions of an ally are derailing—?” the reporter pressed.

The press secretary then interrupted, “I think I’ve answered your question. Did you have another one?

“I didn’t think it was an answer,” the reporter began before Psaki cut her off.

“Okay, I’m sorry to hear that. I’ve answered it a couple times,” said the press secretary.

Since it was clear that the press secretary did not want to answer the question, the reporter asked again about immigration. “Concerning the militarization of the borders in Central America, agreements that have been secured—is the White House concerned, given the record number of children that have been making this track, that they are at greater risk given the fact that these are soldiers and not daycare workers?”

“Well, I think the objective is to deter the journey,” Psaki said. “And so that’s why our discussions with these countries involved increasing law enforcement capacity at the border.”

“Is there worry, though, about this increased militarization—” the reporter pressed.

“I didn’t call it that. Those are your words, not mine,” Psaki interrupted.

“We worked with them to increase law enforcement at the border to deter the travel, which is a treacherous journey where many lose their lives,” the press secretary said before moving on.

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This whole administration is a joke!


psaki a lyin piece of shit every day people like this have bad things happen like there health


Joe invited them, so the DEATHS on the trek here, no matter the cause, is on HIM….he has their BLOOD and their DEATH ON HIS HANDS……CAN WE PLEASE HAVE TRUMP BACK, THIS IDIOT IN CHARGE IS JUST PLAIN USELESS!

H. D.

as incompetent as this witch is, it’s frightening to say that shes as competent as most of the administration,

Deborah Myers

Terrible communications. Lies from the President, Pelosi, etc. This administration is filled with so much hatred toward Trump Biden wrote (or did someone else) the executive orders on his first day in office. The Democratic party no longer represents the citizens of this country but instead are demonstrating that they feed power and they can never get enough.The government could be replacing the money they took from Social Security instead of dishing it out to illegals.

John J

Where dud this turd?


She is a great press secretary. She knows how to put mumbo jumbo out there to answer a question. She k own how to answer without really answering the question.


She doesn’t do her homework that why she always looking for a “circle back” on so many things. She is total nonsense and a lousy pathetic liar. So many sick people working for this fake administration just to get our tax dollars. I want my money back.


Jen Psaki is insecure, incompetent and ill prepared and as a result conducts herself in a rude manner. She is a true reflect of the Biden Administration, starting with senile China-Joe and the totally inept Dot-head/Jamaican Cummala.


You do realize , that she will never see anyone’s opinions of her , or sleepy , or dopey , and IF she/they did, it would have to be on a first grade level of communication , so as to be able to understand the answers.


Let’s Face It! She’s an Idiotic Bitch!