Watch Psaki Get Nasty with Reporter When Questioned Over ‘Weed’ Firings

Peter Doocy Confronts Psaki After She Snubs Him…

Biden’s Press Sec. Jen Psaki got nasty when a reporter after he asked about why the White House is firing staff who smoked weed in the past, but Kamala is still the VP after she openly admitted and laughed about smoking weed.

Top Comments:

Rules for thee and not for me” is proving to be the democrat slogan yet again

I hate this press room. The media is literally afraid of this woman. The media in America is sickening.

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Kevin Meyer

Like Joe, she is also a masquerader!


Typical of the Peoples Republik of Washington DC. Kamrad Psaki is in control


hope o’bama will be banned from the WH over this…….


You forgot Billy Clinton, he has stated that he didn’t smoke weed he just inhales it no big deal. Yeah right…


It’s the do as I say generation , not do as I do . We can but you can’t . It’s the same old corruption of the delusional democrats . Just remember … it’s your fault for voting for the delusional democrats , I didn’t


It would appear that Psaki only graduated from the 8th grade that is why she knows nothing and pretends to be a press official of which instead of calling her White House press secretary she is called Biden’s press secretary whats up with that is she just ignorant or what maybe just plain STUPID of which you can’t fix.

Stacy Dougherty

Psaki sucks!

John J

Where did they find that pasty faced fool

Richard Pierson

Let me circle back on that She didn’t even read from her notes. Lies and stupidity don’t need note cards. Oh wait, Joe’s whole press meeting was notes, and cheat sheets, even photos of the reporters he was supposed to call on. She fits right in with the rest of the idiots

Terri Hughes

Jen is a real a**hole. She gets pi**ed off when the reporters ask her something she doesn’t want to answer. Low-life, just like the rest of the democrats and rinos. America is in really big trouble as long as the democrats are in charge. America, lets change this. Vote, fire or impeach them all. America NEEDS Trump back, NOW!!!!