Watch Psaki Get Busted Trying to ‘Fact Check’ Reporters on Gas Prices…

Watch Psaki Get Busted Trying to 'Fact Check' Reporters on Gas Prices...
Image from video below...

The Next News Network – Kyle Becker from Trending Politics reports, Jen Psaki not only has difficulty telling the truth at her press conferences, the White House Press Secretary is also honesty-challenged on Twitter, as well. On Monday, Psaki tried to dispel the widespread public perception that it is Joe Biden’s fault that gas prices are going through the roof on Twitter. It all started when Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) accurately pointed out that gas prices have risen under Joe Biden.

Top Comments:

If it wasn’t for lies Democrats wouldn’t have any to talk about.

This woman is such a disgrace. She is perfect for the Kamala/Dementia Joe administration.

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Just a well paid lying dumb ass bitch


What a bumbling idiot,just she think were all fkg stupid and believe that crap that she tries to spread every day. This woman is a pathetic,bald face liar, and needs to be impeached/thrown out for stupidity.


This woman is paid by the Harris-Biden cabal of incompetents to lie through her sh!t-stained teeth on a daily basis…

Briben biden

Hey there little red lying hood
you sure are lying good
your everything a democrat could want
what big lies you have
just hearing them makes me sad
you know your lyin bad
Hey they little red lying hood
you sure are lying good
your everything a democrat could want.

We should pass a law making it illegal for public employees to lie to the public. make it a felony with no less that five years in prison and 50% of assets confiscated.


remember the good old days when Trump was in office and the press Secretary did not lie continuously.

up those were good times.