WATCH: Protesters Swarm Vernon Jones For Supporting Trump

WATCH: Protesters Swarm Vernon Jones For Supporting Trump
Image Screenshot From Breitbart News YouTube Video Below.

As Democrat Georgia State Representative Vernon Jones left President Trump’s RNC speech, radical left-wing extremists attacked him on Thursday. Recently, Vernon has been a vocal supporter to bring back President Trump.

The extremist group yelled out racial slurs and obscenities at him, demanding him to take the name “Breonna Taylor”.

One left-wing extremist asked, “Are you a black Trump supporter?” and another yelled, “You disgrace! Shame on you.”

The police on their bicycles went between Jones and the violent protesters to protect him. This took place as the protesters became violent and the situation got out of control.

Jones was harassed by the crowd which screamed, “Whose streets? Ours!” They also taunted the brave officers by asking, “Whom do you protect?”

Radical protestors also attacked Rand Paul, the Republican Senator. On Friday, he spoke out and condemned the encounter, and also remembered to thank the police for their quick response in order to save his life.

During the Fox News interview, Paul said, “The mob was yelling threats and even pushed the police just to grab me. The situation soon got worse and we decided it was time to move out of the place. We have to move if we do not see any further reinforcements coming. Then we need to get to our hotel located on another block. The reason was that the mob was threatening to hurt and kill us. They were shouting, ‘Breonna Taylor!’ It was simply impossible to reason with this violent mob. I am the author of Breonna Taylor’s law.”

He said, “These idiots are trying to harm the person who is doing his best to eliminate no-knock raids. They were unhinged and screaming at the top of their voice. I am unsure if we could have made it. The police officers surrounded us as we walked, while the mob attempted to grab me by pushing the police.

“A policeman was also pushed backward and he stumbled as he tried to balance himself. I caught hold of his flak jacket from his back and stabilized him. He was part of our defense and protected us. If the officer was down, then the mob was sure to get loose on us. The pictures show very clearly our plight in this situation.”

Paul said, “Without the police, America is sure to become Portland. People are sure to be pummeled, kicked, and left senseless everywhere. I promise you, without the support of D.C. Police, this would have been the case with us. We are quite thankful for the force, and it is high time for us to wake up and realize the impending situation. We cannot allow Joe Biden to rule this country with a defunct police system. I am not able to walk down D.C. streets safely now. Imagine how bad the condition will be then!”

He felt that although his words were over-the-top, the fact is, “We will identify the people who have been hired out of town, especially in this situation. I am also sure that these people had been paid to come and attack us here, and not in Washington D.C. They are some kind of anarchists being paid for the attack.”

Paul further said, “It is really disturbing. It is a crime to incite a riot. But if you hire rioters from other states, then that person deserves to be jailed. We just cannot accept life like this.” Kamala Harris or Joe Biden have not said even a word about this violence and how the streets have become dangerous.

“This mob that attacked us are their voters. They represent the new, improvised Democrat Party. If we fail to resist this, then all of the United States will become Portland & Chicago. Democrats run these failed cities. In his speech, the President said, ‘If the White House is taken, then nothing will stop us from becoming Portland.’

“We cannot allow our country to be set on fire. There needs to be strict law and order. Our sincere support should be with the police. There is nothing strong enough for me to put further.” Later Paul noted, “Something is happening here. FBI involvement seems necessary!”