WATCH: Protesters Hold Ritual Execution Of President Trump

WATCH: Protesters Hold Ritual Execution Of President Trump
Image Screenshot From Lasse Burholt YouTube Video Below.

Donald Trump, the current United States President, has been facing troubled times from the minute he took his oath. Many of his decisions have only invited wrath and spurred protests from different segments of society. Protests are being held throughout the country, and even in Europe and other places. This makes him the most controversial person to ever be elected president.

Protests taking place since his becoming the President show the kind of displeasure and hatred some people nurture against him. There are various reasons for people to not like Trump’s candidacy for the second time. These are his history of shameful sexual misconducts, aggressive family-separation policies, and other acts.

Acts of protests

Different types of protests are held in the form of business closures, walk-outs, rallies, petitions, marches, and demonstrations. Although most protests were peacefully conducted, there have also occurred actionable conducts such as assaults and vandalism. More than a few protesters have also been criminally charged of rioting.

Ritual Execution Of President Trump held outside White House

The latest development that took place was the Left-Wing protesters’ ritual execution outside the White House on Thursday. An effigy was created of Donald Trump by the radical left-wing protectors set on a guillotine. This act took place while the President was giving his speech at the Republican National Convention.

The effigy also had a small paper of piece. On it was written, “Ticket – Criminal, Rapist, and Fascist”.

President Trump made it a point to discuss the recent violent mobs conducted by the left-wing supporters. He also cited the one that was held with the guillotine, while he delivered his RNC speech.

President Trump said, “This election will be the deciding factor whether we will allow our cherished destiny to be destroyed by a socialist agenda or save our American dream.” He further added, “Foolish decisions have been made for several decades now.

“It is your precious vote that will determine whether we allow violent agitators and anarchists to rule America or protect our innocent, law-abiding Americans. Moreover, this election will determine if we allow the dismantling and complete destruction of the American way-of-life or defend it. We need to stop the radicals from destroying our country. We will not let this happen!”

He added, “Ilhan Omar considers Minneapolis Police Department to be cancer rotten to its root. But Biden does not reject her endorsement or disavow her support. Rather, Biden displayed this in capital letters on his website later. If you elect Joe Biden, then you only encourage radical Left to defund all police departments across the country. Law enforcement will only be reduced nationwide as federal legislation is likely to be passed. Every city will appear to be Democrat-run Portland, Oregon. Biden’s America will not be safe for anyone!”

The President continued further, “We can and should never allow mobs to rule America. The Republican Party in the most powerful terms condemns violence, arson, and rioting taking place in Democrat-run cities. It also includes cities like New York, Chicago, Portland, Minneapolis, and Kenosha.”

“This problem can be fixed easily if they desired,” he added. “Just call and you can expect us at the earliest to take care of all your problems within hours. It’s too bad that we are to wait for them to call. We need to maintain law and order. Joe Biden along with his supporters during their convention remained silent concerning criminals and rioters causing chaos in Democrat-run cities. Throughout the convention, not a single word was spoken or even mentioned about such incidents.”

“Not even once!” he continued, “Now, they are mentioning it, just because they are witnessing rapid fall in their poll numbers! It is falling similar to a rock in water. Joe, it’s too late! Joe Biden’s campaign failed to condemn left-wing anarchy that took place in Chicago, Minneapolis, and other cities.

“Rather they seem to be donated to it. 13 members of the campaign staff employed by Joe Biden were caught donating funds. The purpose of the donation was to bail out rioters, looters, anarchists, arsonists,a dn vandals from jail.

“It is time people realize the truth and make the right decision to save America!”