WATCH: Protesters Hang Blow Dryers On Tree Outside Pelosi’s Home

WATCH: Protesters Hang Blow Dryers On Tree Outside Pelosi's Home
Image Screenshot From Jessica Christian Twitter Post Below.

It is obvious that the people of San Francisco are infuriated. The power lady and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has committed her worst act of foolishness and irresponsibility.

Instead of taking to riots and vandalizing properties in San Francisco, the mob decided to take a different and creative route of protesting. Blow dryers were hung on the trees outside Pelosi’s cozy home.

Nancy Pelosi, a speaker at the House Of Representatives in The United States of America, was busted and shamed for violating the lockdown protocols in San Francisco. She coerced her stylist to break the rules and open up a salon in private. All this for what? The Speaker thought of getting her hair done and receiving a fair makeover, too. To top it off, she chose not to wear a face mask while trotting down the street and walking to her car. On the other hand, the stylist was spotted with a mask covering her face.

Pelosi received massive amounts of backlash and was not spared by the President either. It only goes to show that the woman who has been preaching everyone to stay indoors and follow the protocols of the lockdown — owing to the current coronavirus pandemic — is an irresponsible law-breaker herself. She is more correctly a law-breaker, not a law-maker. At least, the residents in San Francisco are of the same idea.

Although, Nancy herself, has been denying the rumors, calling it staged and a setup to get her in hot waters. SF Salon owner Erica turned down Pelosi’s claims and said that it was anything but a setup. Madam Speaker wanted her hair done, and saying “No,” to a woman with power has undesirable consequences.

All residents in the City of San Francisco are clearly instructed to adhere to a few COVID-related protocols. For instance, people must be at least 6 feet apart. It is imperative to cover both mouth and nose at all times. Whether the person is in a hallway, business center, elevator, or almost anywhere else, masks must be worn at all times. The rules of wearing face masks apply even during physical activities like going for a jog or running around.

Pelosi is pretty vulnerable to the virus impacts, considering her age. She is 81. But that obviously did not stop the lady from going out in public — just to get her hair done, and without a mask, too!

There were more than a dozen female protesters flocking at the doorsteps of the House Speaker. Her home in Pacific Heights was crowded by ladies. It was a smart, peaceful, and an interesting protest to be honest. There was no clamoring, no slogans, nothing. All these women did was tie hair dryers in the trees surrounding Pacific Heights.

There could have been an outrage, but it was a unique form of protest. The protesters did speak of their resentment and annoyance with Pelosi. She kept announcing that business must be shut and aborted during the ongoing pandemic outbreak in the country. Instead, Pelosi dropped by a salon sans a face mask, breaking the rules herself.

Pelosi was caught on video. There is no way she can get away with violating the rules that she and a bunch of lawmakers had decided upon. She is certainly pitching the whole incident as a setup. However, it is hardly true and there’s certainly no one wanting to believe her.

Kayleigh McEnany, the Press Secretary at White House, played the footage in front of the press and media, addressing it as an act of careless and irresponsible behavior. She mentioned that apparently the House Speaker is out of the loop when rules are made for the citizens of the country. To her, the rules don’t apply. She is okay with small businesses being shut for months to tackle the COVID situation, but when it suits her convenience, she can coerce a business to reopen.

The House Speaker has been slammed by both the media and people. In fact, she has earned the title of being the biggest hypocrite.