WATCH: Proof Kamala Harris Supports The Violence

WATCH: Proof Kamala Harris Supports The Violence
Image Screenshot From Conservative News Daily YouTube Video Below.

Protests over racial injustice have been on an upsurge for months now. The stir-up started with the death of George Floyd. It only got worse after a 29-year-old African-American was severely wounded and shot by Officer Sheskey in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The Jacob Blake matter ignited fury in people. Now, there are masses of people participating in protests in every nook and corner of America.

Very few of the protests are peaceful. Gone are the blissful shining summers of America.

The California Senator, also the Vice Presidential nominee for the Democrats, first addressed the issue at the George Washington University. She went on to say that the “sorrow, fear, bereavement, and destruction witnessed among the citizens of the country cannot go unnoticed.” Kamala stood with honor and pride, promising to stand as a pillar of support for the protesters in Kenosha.

Hurdles of such catastrophic measures came into the limelight after the murder of George Floyd. Sadly, unarmed black people are being targeted and subjected to shooting, torture, and killing. Racism has spiked by leaps and bounds, and it needs to stop right away. If protests are a way to put a period to the traumatizing murder, then let it end.

She did promise that if it were the Biden-Harris administration in power, the traumatized families of the men shot for their color would now have a seat at the Congress Halls in the White House.

“There was never justice for a black person in the United States,” commented Harris. “Have they been treated as equals in the country, ever? It is a huge ‘NO.’ We owe it to the citizens of our country,” said Kamala. Let’s reward every citizen with equal justice, under law.

Protesters are marching down the streets of America, shouting slogans, and clamoring against Trump. “Do we even have to contemplate why these people are protesting at all?” said Harris.

“A 29-year-old man was shot and beaten in front of three of his kids. How terrifying is that? He was unarmed. It is only by God’s grace that the man is still breathing. Mr. Biden and I have had the pleasure of speaking to the family, offering condolence. They are incredible human beings with great courage. Blake and his family are brave-hearted people.

“Of course, the protest came as a big blow to our dear President Trump. The protests have been on a roll for three days straight. Unfortunately, there’s heaps of outrage being projected. Violence is happening all over. This needs to stop. Do you know what Jacob’s family had to say? Protests about racial discrimination are happening, but it is more of a loss. It has to be stopped. The nation is crippling. Give it time to heal.”

Senator Harris’ speech on national television on “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” is still viral. There are several videos on Youtube evoking titles like “Kamala Harris supports the riots and want the lootings to continue”, and many more.

The Vice-Presidential nominee for the Democrats blatantly made a statement on a television show without hesitation. She said “People are pulling all stops. The riots are not going to come to a screeching halt anytime soon. The time is right to look into the eye.” What’s even more intriguing is to watch Kamala Harris make a statement with a nice smile on her face.

What must be assumed? Is Ms Harris bolstering up to keep the violence happening? Certainly, the protests have flipped from being peaceful to a complete catastrophe. Killings, mobbing, destruction of public properties, and so much more. The country has been experiencing the odds for a long time now. Why is Kamala Harris not making any effort to put a stop to the anarchy? Is she really supporting the violence? The doubts linger in the minds of many. At least, her statements give us reason to do so.