WATCH: Portland Rioters Bring Guillotine and Burn American Flags

WATCH: Portland Rioters Bring Guillotine and Burn American Flags
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Mobs of rioters came together on the streets of Portland, in Oregon. Saturday night was about rage and anger. Videos of rioters bringing in the guillotine and setting the American flags on fire were viral.

If you haven’t watched it yet, go ahead and take a look.

The worst part – the rioters dragged the guillotine on to the streets and stopped right in front of the police bureau of Portland.

According to the information shared by the Police Department of Portland, more than 250 angry people huddled and marched through the streets and the suburbs. They were heading to the Penumbra Kelly Building.

The rioters weren’t just stalking through the streets. They had a teddy bear, set up in a guillotine that was wheeled while they marched. What was worse, they were setting American flags ablaze and knocked on the doors of the sleeping residents in the area. Wondering why? Well, to help them with accommodation, protection, and safe shelter. The rioters weren’t requesting. They were demanding!

A man could be heard screaming from a distance – “Get down with us on this f****** streets.”

Of course, the rioters were not just men. Soon after, a woman was heard howling “What on earth are you ding to safeguard your neighbors, family, or your community? If you need safety, increase the numbers. Join the march. Give us refuge. We are drained, but we still stand out. Join forces. It is about one night and one hour.”

Tweets were rolling in. Brendan Gutenschwager, the famous journalist uploaded the first video with the caption “A guillotine is out on the streets. The protestors have brought it out.”

Soon after, the journalist shared the second video. This time, the captions were much more detailed and spelled out the rage and fierceness among the rioters. He stated “ A guillotine is being rolled on to the streets and is brought to a grinding halt, right out the Police Bureau. Well, it doesn’t end here. American flags are set on flames. Protestors are thrilled to do such nuances. Burning the flags, strolling the guillotine, it seems like they are filled with joy for doing so.”

The rioters were en-route to the Penumbra Kelly Building. Once the violent and angry ob reached the building, the weapons were out.

If you are wondering, which weapons did the protestors pull out? No firearms really! They had frozen bottles of water, rocks, and laser pointers. The mob torched the law enforcement officials on duty with laser pointers and hurled rocks at them.

Portland Police Department released a statement. “Most of the protestors, participating in the march were donned in black clothes. They carried helmets, hard and sharp shields, a few armors, and gas masks. Of course, the rioters were out to destruct. One of the protestors took to target an air support airplane with a green laser. It is extremely dangerous. Laser baffles the pilot flying the aircraft and can cause permanent damage to the eyes.”

According to the reports, one of the police officers succumbed to the injuries after being attacked with a glass bottle, right on his head.

During the ongoing riots, there was an overwhelming number of calls by the residents. At least 120 to 140 calls complaining of assaults, threats, firing of shots, alarms, and threatening circumstances.

Almost 50 officers had to be pulled out from the precincts. The mob of protesters went berserk. Right before midnight, the police decided to call the shots and put an end to the protest, and a few arrests were made.

It seems that ‘Black Lives Matter’ is still a lingering cause. Hundreds of protesters wreaked catastrophe as they wheeled a guillotine with a teddy bear.

They keep burning American flags. Yet, all of these for what? Perhaps to signify violent revolution while they desperately stay relevant.